5 HOT Ways To Stimulate Her G-Spot Like A Lover Who Knows His Stuff

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5 Ways Stimulate Her G-Spot For The Hottest Orgasm Ever

Every sexy lady loves the idea of being with an "experienced lover", someone who can show her the ropes and introduce her to new pleasures she's never felt before.

Of course, when you break it down to science, old Casanova (or even that creepy Peter North) can't really give you any pointers besides what we know from science and sexology. 

Here are five ways to female arousal that every male must know, so he can grow from a boy to a man, and give her the best orgasm of her life:

1. Mentally stimulate her

You must make sure a woman is properly aroused before heading too far down south. She has to be comfortable to get wet and she has to be wet before her vagina expands and the G-spot comes out of hiding.

So don't skimp on the foreplay. Ideally, you want to make love to her when she is at her sexual peak — as in the first time you make love, a romantic dinner, a role playing exercise, dirty talking, or an erotic fantasy. 

2. Stimulate her clitoris

The G-spot is actually believed to be a tail end of the clitoris, so don't ignore the clitoris thinking this is a "vaginal orgasm only" kind of night.

All these "wires" are connected in learning how to stimulate the G-spot. Stimulate the clitoris first, making her sufficiently wet and wild, and THEN plan for vaginal penetration. 

3. Focus on G-spot pressure

Though you might want to try a sexual position later on, get her off first by direct manual stimulation using your fingers.

Insert two fingers into her vagina and curl them upwards, as if reaching up into her pubic hair area from the inside. The patch of skin that makes up the G-spot will be rougher in texture, about an inch in size. 

Don't simply stroke it or tickle it, but work your way up to fast and hard pressure, with your fingers or your entire arm. You'll know it's working when feel her vagina "arch" or tense up, making the wall more pronounced.

4. Tongue her for good measure

It only helps to stimulate her clitoris at the same time. You can use another free finger or a tongue. Try as much as possible to have both working at the same time, so that you can overwhelm her senses and bring out that powerful orgasm. 

5. Learn too love the vibrator

A lot of guys are intimidated by vibrators, but rest assured they will never completely take the place of your Modern Major General down there.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that women experiment with masturbation, so that they themselves will learn how to produce clitoral and G-spot stimulation, rather than just waiting for a man to magically make it happen.

It's all the more exciting if you explore your woman's body right along with her.

A few self-induced G-spot orgasms later, and she will find it easier to accommodate you and work along with your thrusting for maximum pleasure.   

Practice makes perfect in learning how to stimulate the G-Spot, so make time for experimentation and always keep your enthusiasm level up.

You'll be her sexual "Mister Miyagi" in no time!

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