Touch Me! The Kinky Couples' Guide To The SEXIEST Erogenous Zones

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The SEXIEST Erogenous Zones

You know the obvious turn-on spots on your partner's body, but to give him/her as much pleasure as possible you need to venture beyond the obvious. The entire human body is designed for pleasure, so explore every inch of your partner's body with curiosity and pay attention to his/her  responses. 

We asked three of our experts to reveal some of the most overlooked spots on the body that your partner is dying for you to touch. Here's what they had to say:

1. The hands and wrists are great spots to begin seducing your lover's body.

"Explore the full range of pressure, from lightly grazing your partner's fingertips with your own, to tightly squeezing their palm. Explore stimulating your partner's hands with your mouth. Suck on fingers, flick your tongue on his/her inner wrist and (if you're feeling a little more frisky) nibble on his/her fingers until your partner gasps!"Pleasure Mechanics

2. For women, the most important erogenous zone is her eyes.

"Can she see her own reflection in your eyes? Let her see you attend to her body as you touch, taste, kiss and caress her body. Let her see your intention through your eyes. Hold her eyes as you slide your hand down her chest and hold your open hand over her heart."Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

3. The element of surprise is sexy.

"For one of my clients, when her man comes up behind her, lifts her hair up from the back of her neck and nibbles right below her hairline, it makes her lose her mind (and in the best way)."Karen Jones

4. Treat them to a nice foot massage.

"The feet have long been regarded as one of the most intimate body parts (and with good reason). Your feet are actually closely linked in the brain with the sexual system. Learn how to give your partner a great foot massage. Some people even like to suck on toes and lick the arch of the foot. With some practice, you'll learn how to lavish your partner's feet with attention without tickling them." —Pleasure Mechanics

5. Suck and nibble on their neck.

"You don't have to give your partner hickeys to take advantage of how sensitive the neck is. Let a single finger trail down the skin of the neck as you pleasure your lover down below. Scratch lightly with your fingernails, extending your stroke right down onto the shoulders and chest. Lick and lightly nibble the neck, being careful not to leave a mark. Most people don't like heavy breathing right in their ears, so pay attention to your exhale as you explore this area."—Pleasure Mechanics

6. Build the tension by going slow.

"Go slow — the slower the better! Have him close his eyes and feel your lips kissing his eyelids and forehead. Look into his eyes. Move agonizingly slow. Trace a line. Tease. Build the tension." —Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers

7. Lick a super-sensitive area on her body.

"One of my clients loves to have her man lick the back of her knee very slowly and sensually (right where the leg bends). She feels the tingles go right up her leg, and feels waves of pleasure moving throughout her body." —Karen Jones

8. Stimulate the spine with your tongue.

"The spine is the superhighway of the nervous system, so stimulating the spine can create intense full body sensations. Try running your tongue directly up the spine, all the way from the sacrum to the head. The sacrum (the flat triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) is another amazing area to explore. Massage all around the edges of the bone to release tension and create more blood flow." —Pleasure Mechanics

As you can tell, an erogenous zones isn't as simple as your privates; it can be any area of the body especially sensitive to stimulation. Your partner's body is one big erogenous zone, so explore, touch, caress and tantalize the hotspots we've exposed. (You can thank us, later.)