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6 Hot Sex Toys For Men — That'll Keep Him Wanting MORE

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best sex toys for men

Sex toys add a little variety to your lovemaking sessions and always keep sex interesting. Maybe you and your partner were hesitant at first to bring sex toys into the bedroom, but these products can bring you closer together through laughter, inquisitiveness, and erotic feelings.—

Women aren't the only ones who enjoy sex toys. The market continues to expand with sex toys for men as well. If your man is unsure whether he wants to or feels inadequate at the suggestion, remind him that in no way do male sex toys take the place of his masculinity. You simply want to expand your palette and improve his pleasure.

Here are 6 of the best sex toys for men and how they improve your sex life.

1. Cock rings

If your lover is cautious or nervous about adding male sex toys into your routine, start with small toys that the two of you use together. For example, cock rings will enhance his erection making it beneficial for both of you.

Some cock rings have protrusions to provide you more stimulation. Other rings contain mini vibrators to increase your arousal and also feel good to him. As his comfort with cock rings develops, you can advance to rings that cover more of his shaft or select a male sex toy that includes anal beads for him.

2. Prostate stimulators

Your lover may enjoy prostate stimulation, too. In case you don't already know what the prostate is, think of it as the male G-spot, but it's located inside his rectum. Sex toys for men designed to stimulate this area can be used with or without you.

Many prostate stimulators have comfortable handles for him to hold while he arouses himself. The toy vibrates against his prostate while his free hand can massage his shaft. The feeling may be intense, so he probably wants to try this one alone first and then he can teach you the correct amount of pressure and technique.

If he is uncomfortable trying this alone, be sure to have time to explore together as he relaxes and lets you find his sweet spot. Talk dirty to your man to turn him on, build sexual tension and keep him attracted.

3. Anal toys

Sticking with his rear, you can pick up a few anal male sex toys for your partner to try. The bonus is that if he doesn't enjoy them, you can try them too! Suggest anal beads that are inserted and then slowly pulled out during lovemaking to create a unique feeling for him. Some guys adore this, while others aren't so keen.

If he finds a love for anal stimulation, a male sex toy in the shape of a rod or a butt plug may be just what he's looking for. These can be left in or pulled in and out during sexy times to arouse your partner to the extreme. You can even get vibrating butt plugs.

Other anal toys include inserting a plug that has a tail. Examples include a pigtail, cattail or foxtail. If the two of you are into role playing, this sex toy for men can add another element to your fantasies.

4. Masturbators

Sometimes, your man will want to give himself pleasure. Masturbation can occur alone or with you, so you can make this a part of your lovemaking sessions. Male sex toys for masturbation are varied and can range from products that mimic the look and feel of a vagina, to plastic sheaths that simply enhance his masturbation experience.

Select the toys that best fit his personality and physicality, but also, if you're using these products together, be sure that you're comfortable with them as watching your partner make love to the rubber vagina and breast pillow may not be for every woman. 

5. Penis pumps

Your man may be up for trying a penis pump. Not only will his erection get larger, which many women find highly arousing, he'll also experience a unique sensation as the suction of the pump pulls on his penis. This male sex toy can be used together or alone or as part of foreplay.

Some men think that these pumps will cause penis enlargement, so if your partner is insecure about his size, use caution and tact when recommending a pump. Along those same lines, penis extenders can be pleasurable for him and for you.

He slides his erection into the hollow shaft of the penis extender and your reaction will get him going. These extenders enhance length or width depending on your preference.

6. Extenders

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Penis extenders are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and types. Sheaths can add another avenue to your lovemaking sessions. Encourage your partner to play with you and for you as he changes the texture of his erection by sliding a sheath over him. Again, if your man is insecure about his size, he may feel uncomfortable if you suggest using a penis extender to him.

When selecting a male sex toy, choose a quality product. If you purchase something inexpensive and it breaks or is extremely uncomfortable, your man may never try another one. It's in both of your best interests to make an investment in these products. Plus, once you find something that you and he both enjoy, you will use it for years.

Also, purchase products that are gentle on the skin such as silicone. Avoid latex-based products if either of you have a latex allergy or sensitivity. Speak with the experts at your local store to find out which products are easiest on your skin. It's also best to clean your sex toys for men before and after each use to avoid infections and keep you lovemaking experience safe.

Toys can add to your intimacy and bring you closer together. Your man may be hesitant at first, so it's up to you to educate yourself and be able to offer good suggestions. Once you move beyond the giggles and nerves, male sex toys may eventually have their own place in your nightstand drawer.

Perhaps he's the one suggesting toys and you are hesitant? Just think of it as a new adventure for both of you with endless possibilities.


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