5 Really Good Reasons To SPLURGE On Your Adult Toys

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Advancements in technology are constantly changing the way we live. From how we consume information to how quickly we communicate, virtually every aspect of modern life is affected by technology. However, there is one area where technology has fallen behind — that is in the adult sex toy industry.

For whatever reason, products like this have been overlooked by innovators, and the result is thousands of cheaply made lackluster toys that do little in the way of enhancing sex and healthy pleasure.

You deserve a toy that will make you feel mind-blowingly amazing! What's the point of buying something less than that?

Manufacturers are now listening to the outcry of the many and are taking aim at the industry in a whole new light. That's where luxury sex toys have started to thrive.

But what defines a high-quality luxury sex toy from just your standard passion product that you see replicated over and over again? We're going to make sure you're an expert.

1. They're more powerful, with less noise.

The craftsmanships of higher quality luxury sex toys include better interior components. Sleeker, quieter and more powerful, luxury toys are the crème de la crème for bedroom playtime fun. Cheaper toys offer a fraction of what luxury toys now include.

2. The more you spend, the more features.

Most luxury sex toys include rechargeable batteries, are remote controlled — even by your smartphone, and often times waterproof. You can now record your own vibration pattern. Thanks to new technology, luxury sex toys are higher powered and more durable than ever.

3. You're buying something discreet.

There really isn’t anything discreet about a bright green phallic toy. Luxury sex toys provide complete subtly for those who desire it.

4. You're buying something of MUCH higher quality.

Like any other product, the definition of luxury sex toys relies in their superior components and high quality materials. Non-toxic and medical grade silicone, stainless steel, 24K gold and a host of other premium materials are found in these toys. Not only are these materials good for the body, but they are also environmentally friendly. 

5. Expensive toys are built to last.

High-quality female and male sex toys come with warranties. Manufacturers realize that when you spend more on their products, they want you to know that they care about you and your pleasure and want your toys to last.

Ultimately, the difference between a high-quality sex toy and a cheaply made one comes down to the experience. All of the factors we mentioned above directly relate to the experience individuals have while using their sex toy. If you are like millions of other sex toy consumers, then you’ll know the difference as soon as it touches your skin, feel the vibration, and can’t hear the noise.

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Although the price gap is noticeable, we assure you — so is the orgasm.