Top 3 Penis Enlargement Exercises

Top 3 Penis Enlargement Exercises

The foundation for penis enlargement exercises is blood circulation to the penis. When sexually aroused the erectile tissue engorges with blood thus causing an erection. Forcing a larger amount of blood than normal into the erectile tissue will result in your penis becoming larger even flaccid.

First of all, if you would like for these exercises to be effective they have to be performed on a consistent basis. You have to ensure you set aside at least 15-20 minutes 5 times a week for your "work out". Make sure to have a day off to allow your penis time to rebuild itself.

The first technique is called Kegel or PC Flex. It is a true sex secret! Not only will it help you get rock-hard erections and prevent prostate cancer, but it will also give you the ability to control ejaculation. This comes in handy if you want to make sure your partner is also satisfied, since women usually take longer to reach an orgasm.

Kegel exercises are very easy to do and can be performed without people around you even knowing about it. The idea behind these exercises is to strengthen your PC muscle, located between the anus and scrotum. The easy way to locate it is next time you are peeing, stop the urine flow. The muscle that you‚„re using to do it is the PC muscle.

So what you want to do is squeeze and release your PC muscle. Start slow with 20-30 a day and eventually work your way up to 300 a day. You don‚„t have to do all 300 at the same time, break it into 3 separate sessions if it works better for you. Make sure you are working the right muscle; if your stomach or buttocks tighten it means you are not working the correct muscle. Once you‚„re sure you are doing the exercise correctly you can make it a little more intense by holding it for up to 3 seconds before relaxing.

The second penis enlargement technique is called Jelqing. The primary benefit of this exercise is an increased girth. Jelqing has been traced back to ancient times when Arabic fathers would prepare their sons for marriage by showing them this technique to increase the size of their penis.

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This technique is very simple and will require some lubrication, preferable water-based, like baby oil. Warm up your penis by massaging it gently until it is semi-erect. You will know you are there if you are hard but still able to bend it easily. With your left hand‚„s palm facing toward you, make an OK sign, and grasp the base of your penis. Keeping a tight grip, slide your fingers toward the head. Make sure to push the blood, not just the skin. Once you reached the head, use your other hand to do the same motion. Do not go over the head of the penis. Keep alternating hands to create a continuous jelqing action. Start out with doing 25 of these in the first week and work your way up by adding 25 each week until you reach 200 jelqs.

The last exercise is called the Length Extender. This exercise stretches your erectile tissue thus extending your penis. The increase will happen in length, not so much in girth. This exercise is much safer than using weights for penis enlargement.

Length Extender should be done while sitting on the edge of a chair or couch, although some people prefer to do it standing up. Make sure your penis is flaccid and take a firm grip around the head of your penis with one hand and the second hand over it to ensure a tight grip. Start pulling directly in front of you with enough force to feel a good stretch, but not to the point of discomfort. Hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times, increasing the intensity of the stretch with each time, but again make sure not to cause any pain. Relax and slap your penis against your leg about 100 times to get the blood flowing. You can rest for a minute and repeat this for every direction: up, down, left, right, and directly in front of you. Make sure you massage or slap your penis against your leg between each step.

Next take a tight grip on your penis again and this time rotate it in a circular motion to the left about 30 times, and then 30 times to the right. Repeat at least 5 times in each direction. Don‚„t forget about massaging or slapping it against your leg in between the sets.

These are the basic penis enlargement exercises. They don‚„t require much effort or time, but the results will overcome all your expectations. So what are you waiting for? Go get started so that you can enjoy a bigger and healthier penis.

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