The Secret To Giving Your Man The Most Powerful Orgasms EVER

Hint: Use the backdoor.

Prostate Massage Pleasures: 5 Facts To Get Started WeHeartIt

Is your guy curious about a prostate massage? Prostate massage is the hottest new trend in male sexuality: Doctors are recommending prostate massages as a preventive health practice, and men are reporting it brings them the best orgasms of their lives!

Here are answers to the most common questions we're asked about prostate massages and how to get started:

1. What Is A Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage (sometimes called prostate milking) is the direct stimulation of the prostate gland with a finger or a toy. The prostate is inside the male pelvis, surrounding the urethra. It contributes fluids to male ejaculation and muscles around the prostate contract with each orgasm. So the prostate has already been involved in every ejaculation your man has ever experienced.


Prostate massages simply highlight the sensations of the prostate, by applying direct pressure on this sensitive area. A prostate massage is most commonly done by inserting one or two fingers into the anus and massaging the prostate.

2. Why Is A Prostate Massage Healthy?

What exactly makes this massage healthy enough for doctors to recommending? Well, it's healthy for several reasons: It relaxes chronic tension in the pelvis, encourages fresh blood flow and stimulates fluid production.

Many prostate diseases have been related to stagnancy, as well as, tension in the prostate and surrounding muscles. Prostate massages keep the male sexual system healthy and also help detect any changes at the earliest stage, allowing men to seek medical help as soon as possible.


3. Why Is Prostate Massage Pleasurable?

Many guys report that prostate massages create the most powerful, pleasurable orgasms they've ever experienced.

Before you even get to the prostate, a good prostate massage activates and stimulates the thousands of nerve endings in the external anal area. Once you are inside, massaging the prostate directly creates a deep, pleasurable sensation of it's own. Finally, with a prostate massage you're stimulating the internal root of the penis, allowing men to feel erotic sensations starting deep within and extending out the entire length of their penis.

Prostate massage orgasms reportedly feel more explosive, more profound, and deeply satisfying. 


4. Does Wanting Prostate Massage Make Him Gay or Bisexual?

Some women fear that the desire for prostate massage means their man is secretly gay or bisexual. We're committed to ending this myth once and for all — every man's sexual system is created equally.

All men, no matter who they partner with, can enjoy stimulating their entire sexual system, which includes the anus and prostate. Anal stimulation and prostate massages feel erotic and create orgasms because that is how nature designed our bodies.

5. Ready to Explore Prostate Massage? Start Here!


As more men and their partners explore the pleasures of prostate massages, we hope there will be more honest conversations about how hot and healthy it is! We've been teaching men and women around the world about prostate massages since 2005. As producers of the world's bestselling video on prostate massage, we have heard from thousands of couples who successfully expanded their sex life by exploring prostate massage. Trust us, it's a pleasure worth exploring. 

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