5 Ways To Get His Attention Without Even TRYING

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How To Get His Attention Without Even Trying
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The way to get your man's attention is to take your focus off of trying to GET his attention.

You spot a handsome stranger across a room. How do you get him to notice you, especially if you’re shy? And what about when you’re with a man who’s more interested in what’s on television than spending time with you?

The key is to get his attention without really trying.

The first step in getting a man's attention is to learn to receive it when he gives it. Don’t actually do anything. In other words, don't make any moves. Let him do it.

In order to attract a handsome stranger and so he'll consider asking you out on a date, you must first get comfortable with yourself, in your own body, in your own skin. Then, try these 5 steps:

1. Lean back, both physically and energetically when you're around him. 


Stay at least 10 feet away.

2. Look at him when he looks your way. 


​Hold eye contact for as long as you can — 3 to 5 seconds — and SMILE. Breathe.

3. It’s okay if you're nervous and shaky. 


Don't try to hide it.

4. Keep smiling.


Keep holding eye contact, then at about 3 to 5 seconds, turn back to whatever you were doing — eating, talking to a friend, looking at the wallpaper.

5. Now forget about him. 


If he doesn't come over to talk to you, he's not for you. Not today.

Mastering this and feeling relaxed takes a little bit of practice. Practice on men you don’t care about and aren’t attracted to first. Practice on young men, old men, bus boys, waiters, men at work, strangers on the street if you feel safe, and anyone behind a counter.

Smile and make eye contact, then go about your business.

Now, what if you’re in a relationship with a man who’s taking you for granted?

He works so hard and has so many hobbies and friends — it feels like he can barely fit you in. You've probably tried everything you can think of, and your girlfriends' ideas, too.

You may have resorted to wearing sexy lingerie, or coming to the door naked. You may have pleaded with him to spend more time with you.

The more you've tried those things, the worse you feel, because none of those things work. They only make you feel more helpless, sad, and, if you're anything like me — angry.

The way to get your man's attention is to take your focus off of trying to GET his attention.

Do this instead: Be warm, appreciative, sensual, flirty, inviting and open to his touch and his love when he DOES come toward you.

At the same time, become so involved with the passions of your own happy life, and so in touch with and accepting of your own feelings, even the needy and insecure ones, that you never feel compelled to "get" anything from him.

Instead of standing around waving your hands and body in front of him, trying to get his attention, you'll be like a bright beacon of good feelings for him. He’ll get that you’re a warm, safe, wonderful place to be — but that you won't let him close to you unless he makes you feel good.

That’s because you know how to take care of yourself and live a happy life, but to get close to you and share in that happiness, he’s the one who has to move forward and make the effort.

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