What To Expect When Two Empaths Meet And Fall In Love

Being an empath, should you dare to seek an empathic partner for your romantic life?

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Are you an empath seeking another empath as your romantic partner? Is it a good idea?

What really happens when two empaths fall in love?

First, let's be clear about this up front: what is an empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who pick up emotional energy from everyone around them like a sponge. If you're an empath, being in a crowd or any place with too much stimulation can make you feel overwhelmed.


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Nature is a safe harbor to renew your spirit. Your intuition is strong, you understand what people are feeling, and care deeply about others and the world.

Empaths tend to be old souls who know what they want and are always learning and growing.

Can two empaths be together?

Yes absolutely! When two empaths fall in love, it can be awesome since you're both good communicators, share your feelings easily, and understand that you need alone time to regroup.

You'll be tuned in to each other's needs and know how to put your partner first. Pairing up with another empath can lead to a long-term, healthy relationship that feels rich and fulfilling.


Are two empaths drawn to each other?

No doubt about it, empaths can be magnetically attracted. The two of you connect through your emotions and feelings and how you experience the world around you.

Think about how amazing it would be to have someone like you who is in tune with what makes you happy and graciously wants to be sure you get that.

In addition, you share many personality qualities and quirks, so being together can be super validating. The powerful heart connection can easily lead to feeling quite passionate!

Do empaths fall in love quickly?

Without question, yes, they do fall in love — fast.

Empaths are highly communicative and more likely to share their feelings openly versus other personality types. The tendency to not hold back gives way to a depth of intimacy that unfolds rapidly.


All of this means you won't have to navigate through all the usual angst related to waiting and not knowing if you like each other. That's a true blessing!

Are empaths good in bed?

One fabulous benefit of when two empaths fall in love is that the sex is sure to be amazing.

Think of it this way — you have two people who enjoy giving to others and are naturally attuned to their partner's needs. That's a recipe for ecstasy!

The innate attentiveness the two of you share will heat things up between the sheets for sure.

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Pros of two empaths dating

Romantic relationships with two empathic partners are often passionate, satisfying, and have a profound heart connection. You really get each other and most likely won't run into any of the usual boyfriend problems.


Empaths tend to be honest people with a lot of integrity. You treat people the way you want to be treated and appreciate a balanced approach vs. reactive to your emotional life.

So, imagine how loving and supportive a romantic relationship with two empaths can be. The deep connection can be so rewarding.

Cons of two empaths dating

Since being an empath means you tend to put others first, you may encounter boundary issues with an empathic partner. You might require a lot of support or your partner could be needy. This can cause you to give too much, or expect too much from a mate.

Empaths are easily broken-hearted, and then end up carrying around a lot of baggage. Sometimes being overly emotional, which happens to highly sensitive people, will cause anxiety.


At times, too much tapping into your beau’s feelings can teeter on being co-dependent, unfortunately not reflecting your best side.

As Judith Orloff, M.D., says, "Though it is often challenging for two empaths to be in love, over the long term it can be successful when the mutual respect and communication is there.”

How can an empath couple set boundaries?

Having strong boundaries will ensure you maintain your own space and set limits on how much you give and what is expected of you.

The best way to handle this is to spend time analyzing where you overgive and then set an intention to avoid this. Clarity is essential for having healthy boundaries.


You can also have a healthy discussion with your partner. Don't do this during a fight, but afterwards, when things settle down and are calm again.

Then talk through who gave too much, who was too demanding, and how to prevent overstepping these important boundaries in the future.

It's a blessing when two empaths fall in love.


If you've been longing to find and fall in love with another empath, now you know loads of reasons why it's actually a good idea!

You'll enjoy an amazing heart connection, spend time with someone who understands you at a deep level, and share your life with a supportive, loving partner.

Who could ask for anything more?

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