8 Ways To Turn Your Empathic Abilities Into A Superpower (And Make Your Life Better)

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It could be your ticket to a better life.

It could be your ticket to a better life.

What is an empath? An empath is like a sponge that soaks up all of the emotions and energy around them. They are able to tell when someone near them is feeling upset or angry without even talking to them.

While this is an impressive ability, it can obviously also come with its drawbacks. Much like a sponge doesn't get to choose what it soaks up, an empath is vulnerable to absorbing any negativity that surrounds them. An easygoing day can quickly turn into one filled with anxiety.

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However, there are ways to use your empathic abilities to your advantage and actually improve your daily life. Here's how.

1. Turn bad vibes into good strategy.

If you're an empath, think of the vibes and the emotions you pick up as information. The more information you have at your disposal, the more intelligent decisions you are able to make.

The world is composed of relationships, and knowing how to navigate the people you come into contact with is a huge part of being successful. Rub the wrong person the wrong way and you might just suffer a serious setback. Incorporate your emotional intelligence into your life strategy. 

2. Pick up on problems before they become nightmares.

It is definitely a pain to take on other people's negative emotions, but it's not all bad! Many people get blindsided by major issues and aren't able to handle them appropriately.

As an empath, you are able to pick up on potential problems before they reach their peak. Maybe you've started to notice that there is an unusual amount of tension between two of your friends, for example. Use your empathic abilities by diffusing the situation before it becomes a nightmare, or by preparing yourself for the eventual fallout. 

3. Improve your personal relationships.

If your best friend, significant other, or family member has been radiating aggressive or sad vibes lately, take that as a cue for you to step in and have a heart-to-heart. Maybe you unintentionally upset them and instead of confronting you about it, they are harboring negative feelings toward you.

It is always to everyone's advantage to air out grievances and keep a strong and honest line of communication. Your empathic abilities can improve your personal relationships if you figure out how to interpret other people's feelings and how to act on them. 

4. Improve your work relationships.

Your empathic nature can improve your work relationships just as it can your personal relationships. Work environments can be tumultuous and stressful. Getting dozens of people to work together smoothly and operate on the same page can be difficult. That is why it is always best that you know what is going on around you and how to interact with your coworkers and bosses.

An empath will pick up on any anxiety in the office, which can often negatively impact their own emotions or even their work performance. However, knowing the state of your work environment can help you get through the day unscathed. It can also help you relate better to your fellow workers.

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5. Prepare yourself for a tough road ahead.

An empath will be able to tell when things at work or things in their relationship are not going well. If you start to feel a sense of dread or foreboding, you can begin preparing yourself for bad news before it arrives.

If you sense that your work environment has gotten more hostile lately, or that your partner has been uncharacteristically distant, it may be time to formulate a game plan. That way, if life takes a turn for the worse, you'll be ready to take challenges head on. 

6. Prepare yourself to move on.

Another positive that comes with being able to prepare yourself for bad news is that it can enable you to move on more quickly and more easily. Losing your job or your relationship is always going to hurt, but if you have the ability to see it coming before it happens, you can accelerate your recovery timeline.

The sooner you recognize a proverbial runaway train is headed your way, the sooner you can get out of the way and tend to your wounds. It's not just how you handle a setback that is important, but how you can move on and learn from it. 

7. Help someone else sort through their feelings.

One of the most fulfilling feelings comes with knowing you have helped someone. Since empaths have the ability to read other people's emotions, they also have the ability to help people deal with those emotions.

Someone near you might be feeling depressed, but no one else has picked up on it or has bothered to talk to them about it. If you can sense what someone else is going through, you can be the person who comes to their aid. Improving someone else's life, or even just someone else's day, is extremely rewarding. 

8. Turn feeling into understanding.

There is a difference between being aware of something and being able to understand something. An empath may feel other people's emotions, but that won't do anyone much good if they can't understand them.

Learning how to turn observation into knowledge and knowledge into action is what it's all about. If you have empathic abilities, use them! It doesn't have to be just a passive skill or a burden. Your natural abilities as an empath can make you a better person if you let them. 

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