5 Major Personality Traits That Prove You're In The Presence Of A Real Empath

A lot of people say they're empaths. But are they?

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Lots of people say they're an empath ... but not all of those people truly are.

While being a true empath is a rare thing, nearly everyone has a sense of empathy, defined as, "the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another..."

An empath doesn't simply experience empathy from time-to-time. Empaths are people who feel the world around them. Their emotions are not entirely their own, and they can feel the pain of those around them.


Even something as small as a sad or emotional photograph is enough to deeply affect an empath.

If you're curious whether you're in the presence of an empath or wondering "am I an empath?" read on. 

Because of this sensitivity, empaths have a greater understanding of the world around them than most people.

That's because of this understanding that people naturally gravitate to them for company. They achieve happiness through healing and helping others, which makes them the ideal companion.

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Here are five rare personality traits you'll notice if you're in the presence of a real empath.

1. They don't tolerate dishonesty.

Empaths can see right through you most of the time. If you've lied to an empath, you probably found out the hard way that it doesn't really work.


Not only will they be able to feel what you're feeling (discomfort when it comes to lying), but due to their capacity for understanding, they can spot a lie pretty quickly.

2. Crowds are overwhelming.

If you're an empath, you probably avoid crowds as much as you can. Even going to a concert can seem more like a chore than a good time.

Since empaths feel the energies of the people around them, crowds can be extremely overwhelming or emotional. Not only are there too many people, but there are too many emotions in one place; it can be exhausting.

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3. They're happy when they're helping.

Empaths want to help others in need. Healing is one of the ways empaths achieve happiness in life, and it isn't uncommon to find an empath working in the medical field, such as nursing.


When an empath heals or helps a person through a troubling time, it's almost like they are helping themselves. When a person is no longer experiencing pain, either is the empath.

4. Their personality is original.

Empaths have their own unique personality; they can't be anyone but themselves. Empaths are honest, true, and loyal, which makes them the perfect friend or person to confide within.

They accept who they are and have known exactly who that is from an early age. You won't find a more genuine person to be around.

5. They love animals.

Empaths have a special connection with animals. You might notice it around an aggressive dog who suddenly calms down, or you might even notice it when wild animals don't run away.


When an empath sees an animal, they see innocence and purity; it's a refreshing experience compared to how they feel around most humans.

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