Empaths And Relationships: How To Love An Empath

Always take what an empath says seriously.

Empaths And Relationships: What They Need To Be Happy getty

Being an empath is a blessing and a curse. Empaths feel intensely — not just their own pain, but the pain of everyone we encounter, which is why empaths and relationships sometimes don't mix.

It's in an empath's nature to put others before themselves. It's not how it should be, but it's quite difficult — if not impossible — not to do.

Empaths and Relationships

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If you love an empath, keep these suggestions and things you will need for a successful relationship at the forefront of your mind.

1. Don't cage an empath.

Allow them to experience the world according to them. Relationships with empaths won't work out if you try to cage them in and prevent them from feeling.

They need the freedom to feel and express themselves in their own way so please, allow them to.

2. Be honest.

Empaths deeply appreciate and respect honesty. Dishonesty and lying are intolerable to them. 

Keep in mind that their intuitions are usually spot on so they more likely than not will be able to tell if you are lying or being dishonest.


3. Remember: an empath's heart breaks daily. ​

They cross paths with so many different people every day. They listen to stories of people as well as their natural instinct to pick up on the energy of others. This makes them more susceptible to heartbreak more often than not.

4. Be aware that empaths love with great intensity.

Because they are so in tune with feelings and emotions, you can imagine they love fearlessly. They are passionate and intense with those in their lives. There’s no doubt you’ll ever lack love when you’re with an empath.

5. Empaths have strong and on-point intuitions.

Empaths should never question their intuition because it’s so accurate. They are able to vibe off of the energy one gives off so empaths are able to use their gut instinct on things.

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6. There are things in life empaths will never give up.

Let them do their thing. It shouldn’t bother you or have an impact on your life. And if it does, then communication needs to happen. And remember, honesty is key.

Empaths will have more respect for you if you're honest.

7. Accept that empaths can't change that part of themselves.

Trust me, it’d be a lot easier to turn those emotions and feelings off than feel so many different things at one time. It's impossible.

They have a unique ability to feel how others are feeling under different circumstances. That is not something you can turn on and off.

8. Accept an empath's ability to feel things others are going through around the world.

Embrace it. Do not make fun of it or act insensitively about it. You may not understand that part of an empath and that is okay. As long as you are by their side, not judging them, all will be okay.


9. Offer support.

Empaths may be able to understand how people act and behave (most of the time) as they can put themselves in the shoes of another and feel how they're feeling. On the flip side, they find it very difficult to open up to others and let people in her life.

Offer support and acceptance for empaths.

10. Take what an empath says seriously.

Why wouldn't you? One thing with empaths to remember is that they're thinking about you before themselves. Your best interest is at their heart.

But it's also important to remember they're not overly sensitive or too emotional. They feel things differently than others. Make sure you validate them and acknowledge when they are hurting. 


Empaths are rare to come across nowadays. They may seem as if they overreact or exaggerate but really, they are just conveying their emotions.

Many times, empaths are misunderstood for that reason because they feel so intensely and not many comprehend that. They're amazing people and would give you the shirt off of their back whether you're a stranger or her best friend.

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Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.