9 Tricks For Exhausted Empaths To Release The Emotions Of Their Day

Equip yourself with some energy tools.

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Are you realizing you are an empath?

Is it becoming more clear to you how deeply affected you are by energy — i.e., other people’s energy, environmental energy, and noise? Do you get overwhelmed easily?

There are some simple tricks every empath should know for releasing the emotions of the day. 

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Stuck energy causes empaths to feel exhausted.

When you understand and practice the tips here, you’ll avoid getting energy stuck in your body. 


Most people aren't familiar with the idea of "stuck energy." Nonetheless, many of us are running around in that condition.

Energy is supposed to flow — that’s its natural state.

As an empath, you're being called to master your energy.

You're being called to tune into your energy and become aware of subtle energies in the world and within yourself. These are divine feminine healing energies.

We live in a very masculine, "Get over it!" and "Get it done!" kind of world. Now, that needs to change. And you, as an empath, are part of that change.

By becoming an empowered empath, you release unwanted emotions and energies.

The world needs empowered empaths now, more than ever. They will be the ones forging a better future. Is that you?


Here are 9 tricks for exhausted empaths to release the emotions of their day.

1. Make self-care normal.

The idea of self-care has become more “normal” in recent years. But our culture — consciously and unconsciously — still "stresses" the idea of always having to get things done.

It’s a part of our culture that needs serious reform.

So, be a trendsetter and make self-care normal. Make taking care of you and your well-being more important than material gain or status.

2. Bathe with salt.

In making self-care normal, taking a bath is the most basic activity. It’s one of the best and most powerful tips for empaths.

Make taking a bath a regular part of your life. It’s an immediate release of energy. You can use Epsom salt, but you can also use kosher salt.


If you don’t have a bathtub, take a shower. Even if you've already taken a shower in the morning, take another shower at the end of the day.

And as you shower, visualize the tension falling off your body and down the drain.

Rinse off the day’s stress. It really works!

Water is very healing, especially for an empath.

3. Learn how to use crystals.

Crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and an almost endless variety of others are your helpers — they hold healing properties.

There are many creative ways to use crystals for energy.

It’s a very sacred and beautiful way to be in the world when you have crystals by your side.

4. Use essential oils.

Essentials oils are another amazing empath’s helper. They are from the plant kingdom and offer many healing properties.


Each has its own unique balancing, clearing, healing, and even strengthening properties.

Again, just like crystals, there are many creative ways to use essential oils. Learning how to use essential oils can protect and empower you.

5. Feel your feet!

This may sound silly, but it’s an awesome trick for the empowered empath.

Most of us are so up in our heads. Feeling your feet immediately grounds you down into your body, which is very emotionally calming.

It’s such a great trick and a wonderful practice. I use this a lot — it keeps me centered and grounded in my body.

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6. Do guided meditations.

Guided meditations are like the desert of meditations. You just get yourself comfortable and click "play."


If you're an empath and don’t have a small collection of your favorite guided meditations, you're missing out. This is a must-have tool for empowered empaths.

7. Learn how to say "no."

As an empath, you need healthy boundaries. Knowing what’s right for you and what’s not is important, as well as being able to execute on that.

Don’t do things that bring you down. Just say "no."

8. Feel your feelings.

Empowered empaths are masters of their emotions. You’ve got to learn how to feel. You can’t repress or deny your emotions.


They need to be felt and held in love. Your emotions and those you feel from others aren’t a bad thing.

Be more emotionally intelligent, and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

9. Touch yourself.

Make contact. The hardest thing about being an empath is that you feel everything and everyone outside yourself. So, make contact and learn how to feel you.

I often find myself placing my hands on my heart. I go to bed with my hands on my chest. I wake up in the morning and spend some time with my hands on my belly.

Your hands are a powerful tool to keep you centered and connected to you.

Again, to remind you, if you’re an empath you are a trendsetter of the future. You're being called to master your energy and tune into the healing forces of the divine feminine.


The above mentioned "tricks" are just a glimpse of a better future. Make these practices part of your life, and you’ll be an empowered empath free from feelings of overwhelm.

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Anna-Thea is an author and Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to let go of overwhelm and learn more about mastering your subtle energy, check out her online course “Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power With Love.”