7 Places To Meet Your Boyfriend Or Husband This Year

Where is my husband? Here are my top 7 places to meet him. What are you waiting for? Read on...

7 Places to Meet Your Boyfriend or Husband This Year

Ever wonder where all the great men are? After 10 years living internationally, I discovered 7 great places to meet quality men. I met the love of my life at number 6! It’s time to get up and go-go-go!

#7: Specialty Dating Sites & Interest Groups

Specialty dating sites are a great place to meet successful, high-caliber men. I’ve met investors, actors, entrepreneurs and diplomats through them. They work if you know what you are doing and how to write a profile that peaks their interest.


You will hear other experts say that the competition is fierce. Yes, there is competition if you think there is. The magnetic woman has none. She comes off as smart, sexy, confident and of substance (NEVER a golddigger, insecure, catty or desperate).
Look for interest groups and dating sites where you would find men who have similar interests:

• yachts and boats
• golf
single parents
• wealthy singles
• wine lovers

There are plenty of sites.

I don't want you to be paranoid as most sites are honest, but be careful. Do some research before paying any membership fees. Especially if they are on the higher end.


To keep abreast on the best sites to date on, I sign up from time to time to evaluate them. This is how I uncovered a scam for a site I wanted to check out for my private clients. There was one well-known dating site for wealthy singles I decided to check out. Almost immediately, email started pouring in from gorgeous, young millionaires within an hour of signing up. Hmmm, something smelled fishy.

I decided to open two accounts (one without a photo) to see what would happen. I began receiving the same messages at both accounts from same phantom accounts (gorgeous millionaires – of course) to BOTH of my accounts at the same time. Dirty!

#6: Self-Growth, Marketing and Business Seminars

While this may seem cheesy, men REALLY show up to these things. As a woman entrepreneur, I know that we do too! Men love new business opportunities, motivational and real estate seminars. Keep an eye open for these seminars. They’re announced online, on the radio and on TV. Don’t forget your local newspaper.


Some of my clients have attracted a great man while attending a seminar. Personally, I have met quite a few high-caliber men while attending self-growth seminars and conventions. This is actually the number one place for the high standard woman to meet her beau!

Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• Don’t dress like “one of the boys” to “get respect”. You get respect based on how you feel about yourself, the way you carry yourself and the power of your presence.
• Ditch the pants and try wearing a dress sometimes. The feminist would strongly protest, but you don’t have to marry them, do you? We all know that men are visual creatures and they are “feminine energy deficient”. That’s why a woman wearing a dress almost always gets all the attention. It reminds him of what he’s missing.
I’m not saying you have to wear them all the time, but try a skirt or dress every now and then. Your energy will change!
• Make sure your outer mojo is flawless. Do pay attention to details and grooming. No sense in putting on an amazing dress with chipped nail polish. Men do pay attention to your hands. In fact, they love them!
• Do mix, mingle and meet new people – even if you are by yourself. Don’t be standoffish, even if you’re shy. If people come up to you, give them a few minutes of your time (even if you’re not “digging their energy”). This lets men know you’re approachable.

#5: Male Oriented Classes


I know what you’re thinking what a sexist thing to say. Well, here’s the truth. You’re likely to find a bunch of guys taking a home improvement class, auto class or martial arts class.

I’m not saying do something that you absolutely hate. You’ve got to have some interest or need. For example, I have been in love with martial arts from the age of 5. So I finally decided to dive into it while living in Italy.

Oh my goodness! You would not believe how many hot guys there were in there. Most of the time, I was also the only woman in the class. Women would sign up and leave when they broke a nail. (Yes, really.)

Who said multi-tasking wasn’t good for you? It can work wonders for your love life. You could learn to repair your wall and hook a cute hottie while you’re at it?


Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• Be discreet and keep your relationship to yourself. Don’t share your private life with the class.
• Don’t play helpless and dumb to get attention. Not that you would, but I wouldn’t be a good mentor if I didn’t mention it. When I went to my Jeet Kune Do class, I did not play. I asked them to treat me the same when I saw some guys being gentler with me. You want to be respected – not rescued.

#4: A Luxury Hotel

This is a treasure trove for high-caliber men. I’ve been on plenty of dates where the guy took me to the bar or restaurant at a luxury hotel. There were tables full of men having business lunches – or dinners.


As a female entrepreneur, I am all about efficient multi-tasking. You catch 3 butterflies with one net. (That’s my trademark phrase I came up with – killing birds with stones is just too violent!)

1. You’ll treat yourself like a goddess.
2. You’ll have a delicious lunch, dinner or tea.
3. You’ll be around successful men.

What could be better than that?

Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• The best time to go is at lunch time or for dinner during the week. There will be tables full of men having business lunches. Never mind, men are NEVER too busy to notice a beautiful woman like you.
• Go with a girlfriend or even by yourself and read a book as you sip tea or a drink. Look like you’re having fun. Joke, laugh and smile. You’ll be all the more irresistible.
• Do not go with more than one girlfriend. Make sure she is pleasant and doesn’t stick to you the entire time. Leave opportunities for men to approach you


#3: Foreign Language Classes for Business Owners & Professionals

This hot spot is really overlooked in the United States. While we aren’t all blessed with the gift of foreign gab, we do seem to be a bit lazy about it here.

Keep in mind that many successful, cultured, high-caliber men speak a foreign language – at the very least. I have dated some brainy beaus that spoke 3, 4 or 5 languages and more! Amazingly brilliant.

Plus, tell a man you speak another language and watch his esteem for you skyrocket. Seriously, speaking foreign lingo it’s just plain sexy.

Can I make a suggestion? Italian seems to get their blood boiling and French comes in a close second. Buona fortuna!


Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• You could try taking French or Spanish for business. Many times quality men frequent them for business purposes or just for fun.
• Make an attempt to learn some phrases when travelling outside the country. It’s a sign of great respect to the host country. You will also get introductions to other locals.
• Think about taking a full immersion class in a foreign country. I learned Italian and French by living in the countries. It’s the easiest way to pick it up. Plus, you’ll have droves of sexy foreign men chasing you. Trust me. Wink!

#2: A Book Signing

This is a wonderful place to meet cultured, high quality men. Don’t choose a “girly” book, choose an author that you are interested in, but most men would be too.


Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• Strike up a conversation with someone in line about the author or the book. You will seem more approachable and inviting. Stay for a while.
• Ask the author a thoughtful question about the book and make an authentic connection.

#1: First class airport lounges and on the plane

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I am all about leveraging time (smile). While we should never hunt for quality men (they just show up), being in the best places to attract and meet them is important.

Magnetic Woman “IT Factor” Tips

• Smile. It’s magnetic.
• Do bring a cool book that is widely read by successful people. My personal favorites? The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich are favorites. You can also opt for the latest Success magazine.
• Do dress nicely. I know you’re a classy gal, but I have to say this. No sweats or flip-flops! There are plenty of comfortable, stylish clothing out there.


Voila! There you have it.

Seven places to meet your boyfriend or husband this year. Now get out there. UPS is not going to conveniently drop ship him to your doorstep!

So many smart, successful women find it challenging to attract the right, high-caliber man. Now you can discover a faster, easier way.