5 Holiday Dates That Will Take Her Breath Away

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The holidays can be stressful, especially for men who are dating. However, this is actually the best time to be dating. Not only are there lots of women looking for a great guy, but the holidays provide an amazing backdrop for the perfect romantic date. Why? It's easy to provide a memorable experience.

Women love experiences. I’m going to share five of the best holiday experiences you can give her along with some tips to make it extra special. She will always remember how you made her feel!

Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been married for 23 years, she’ll love it! Here are five good old-fashioned date ideas guaranteed to make her melt. 10 Great Dates You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Don't forget to remember to take a few photos together. You can use an online service to create some cool personalized cards and mail one to her for the holidays. You really can't go wrong with these five date ideas!

1. A Romantic Holiday Walk

This classic never goes out of style. Some of the most romantic, scenic walks I’ve had were in European cities. However, you don’t need to be there to enjoy it.

Here is a list of 100 most romantic walks in the USA.

Tips To Make It Extra Special

  • Hold her hand and put your hand around her.
  • Stop, kiss her unexpectedly, and tell her you love her (if you do, that is).
  • Grab some hot cocoa or coffee to sip on.

2. Outdoor Ice Skating

The most authentic experience you can have is skating outdoors. There’s something about the nippy, fresh air that is stimulating. If you can’t find outdoor skating near you, indoor will do just fine. Here are the top 10 ice skating rinks according to USA Today.

Tips To Make It Extra Special

  • Help her stay balanced by holding her hand (if you’re a better skater than she is).
  • Take a break and snuggle as you sip hot chocolate together.
  • Laugh at yourself when you fall down.

3. Christmas Light Shows

My father took us to these when my brothers and I were little. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt. It was magical! All these years later, I think it’s still one of the most romantic holiday dates you can take your partner on.

Most of them are in parks or large areas where you have to drive through. If you prefer to walk instead and cannot find one, most downtown areas are beautifully decorated and lit this time of year. Here is a list of America’s best Christmas light shows.

Tips To Make It Extra Special

  • Make a holiday CD or playlist of music for her and play it.
  • Grab some coffee or hot chocolate to sip on.
  • Bring a blanket for her in case she gets cold.

4. The Nutcracker Ballet

If your girlfriend or wife loves the arts, this is a date that never gets old. Some people have made it a holiday tradition and go every year. Here is a list of venues to take your date to experience the Nutcracker.

Tips To Make It Extra Special

  • Do some research if you’re not familiar with the venue and get good seats.
  • If you tend to fall asleep, then drink something to stay away (smile).
  • If the thought of this bores you to tears, just skip it.

5. Christmas Markets

If you have never experienced a great Christmas market, you’re really missing out. Some of the best ones I’ve been to are in Europe. If you plan on being in Europe with your honey this holiday season, or if you live there, here are the top 12 best Christmas markets in Europe. You can find some in the US if you do a search online. Here’s an authentic German one I found in Chicago.

Tips To Make It Extra Special

  • Sneak off to buy her a little trinket she said she liked and surprise her with it later.
  • Ditch your diet and enjoy something yummy together.
  • Hold her hand or put your arm around her as you walk.

There you have it. Five romantic experiences you can take your date, girlfriend or wife on this holiday season. Remember to take photos. Feel free to send me a couple. I’d love to see how happy you made her!

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Happy Holidays!