15 Simple-But-Surprising Romantic Ideas Men Go Crazy For

Reconnect with attraction.

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After a few years of marriage (and throwing long hours at work and kids into the mix) romance may have moved pretty far down the list of priorities. For a happy, healthy marriage, one of the essential elements is to regularly reconnect with the attraction you initially felt when you fell in love with each other. You can rekindle that spark, whether with romantic date ideas or small gestures of affection.


Here are 15 simple but surprising romantic ideas that men go crazy for:

1. Create a coupon book

Write out things you're happy to gift to your spouse and put them in an envelope, notebook, or small box. They can redeem them when they wish. Here are some ideas:

  • This coupon is good for a backrub.
  • This coupon is good for a week of doing dishes.
  • This coupon is good for your special meal prepared.
  • This coupon is good for ________ (let them fill in the blank).

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2. Surprise them by getting in the shower with them

Hot water and skin-to-skin contact is a delicious combination. And they can help you wash those hard-to-reach spots.

3. Read to them

Put on the outfit that turns them on and it doesn't matter what you read. Provocative literature or a technical manual, the words and your voice will provide the allure (see number four).

4. Read the pages from their favorite romance novel and use your sexiest (FM radio announcer) voice

You could practice your seductive radio voice while singing in the shower, then put on the outfit you know they love, and use those warm-up vocal chords to read their favorite dog-eared pages.

5. Prepare and eat a meal that includes only food you eat with your fingers

Feeding each other and lots of finger-licking (yours and theirs) is mandatory.


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6. Write out and leave love notes or sexy notes in unexpected places for them to find during the day

Use your imagination about where the tuck notes are. Some ideas:

  • Pockets
  • Purse
  • Wallet
  • Seat of their car
  • The visor of their car
  • iPad case.

7. Do something with your spouse that interests them and doesn't interest you

Ask them why they like this activity and listen. You just might learn something about them and the activity.


8. Send a sexy text during the day

Be direct, or vague, whatever your style. A sexy text helps build anticipation when they are finally back in your arms after a long day.

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9. Take them on a surprise picnic

This can even be as close as your backyard.

10. Make a path with something

Use candy kisses, rose petals, or candy gold coins from the front door to somewhere else (the bedroom, the kitchen, the backyard) and be waiting there with their favorite cold beverage.


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11. Write a love note or poem on a piece of paper and then cut it up into puzzle-like pieces

Then leave (somewhere in the house) or mail one piece each day to your spouse. If you start on Monday you could get lucky on Friday.

@ifarrellzz I was definitely not expecting this today 🥹🥰 @Cord🎈 #surprise #scavengerhunt #lightmylove #unoreverseproposal ♬ original sound - Colby

12. Play a board game

But make new rules so it becomes "strip" checkers, Monopoly, Risk, Parcheesi, and so on


13. Unearth their heart

Elicit new convo and learn things you'd never know about each other by bringing a conversational card game to your next dinner date. 

14. Take a train or bus ride

Pretend to be strangers who meet for the first time and fall in love.

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15. Dance in the living room — clothing optional

The best part? You don't even need a lot of money to achieve romance, so start planning something special today. Your spouse will love it.

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Christine Baumgartner is a dating and relationship coach. She helps people who are feeling stuck to talk about dating challenges and come up with solutions.