Top 9 Reasons Personalized Astrology Readings Are Totally Worth It

You can have fun with it.

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Natal charts, also known as birth charts, can potentially reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Have you ever wanted your life to be a little easier? Are you still searching for a soulmate or the best career choice? Do find yourself in the same crazy life spirals and relationship patterns?

If these questions resonate with you, maybe it's time to explore your astrological birth chart or "natal chart."


How can a personalized astrological reading be totally worth it?

At the time of your birth, the stars and planets paused long enough for you to take your first breath. Your spirit captured the mystical energy of that very moment.

Today, you are a living example of the alchemy of your birth date, time, and place.

The information in your natal chart can provide an understanding of your personal power. Hopefully, this new insight will help you create a life where you are fully supported by the Universe.

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Here are 9 reasons a personalized astrology reading using natal charts is totally worth it.

1. Your Sun’s placement at the moment of your birth can help you discover your true nature.

Do you become creative or are you a strong leader? The Sun’s placement is also a good indicator of what you desire in life.

Exploring your Sun sign will help you discover your true nature. Think of your Sun sign as an important part of your, "I am..." statement.

2. Your rising sign is how others see you.

Does the awareness of how others potentially see you match your vision of self?

Do others see you the way you want to be viewed? Are you taking advantage of this placement?


Understanding your personalized natal chart can help you answer these questions and more. 

3. Where Mercury shows up in your chart can indicate your communication style.

It's also very valuable in helping you recognize your unique way of thinking and processing information.

Are you a crazy-fast thinker or a slow and thoughtful speaker?

4. Where Pluto shows up in your chart can highlight potential areas of transformation and how your subconscious operates.

Expect this area of your life to experience some rebirth and lots of growth.

5. Where the Moon shows up in your chart is a great area to explore your emotional body.

Your Moon placement shows your vulnerable, intuitive side.


It's a great tool in helping you discover what you personally need to feel safe, both physically and emotionally.

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6. Your North Node placement can indicate a big karma lesson in this life.

What did you come here to experience?

The opposite is your South Node. This shows you your place of comfort and potential life patterns that you might get stuck in.

7. How balanced are the elements in your chart?

Do you have enough air to communicate well? Do you have enough water to honor your emotional self?

Do you have enough Earth to ground you and connect you to the material aspects of life? Do you have enough Fire to initiate change?


On the flip side, you can have an influx of one or two elements that will need to be balanced out by lifestyle choices.

8. Where does Saturn show up in your chart?

Saturn is a great teacher of boundaries and life lessons. Depending on the placement of your Saturn, you may be asked for discipline and practice in your career.

Maybe you need to deepen your spiritual practices. Saturn always asks for attention in an important area of your life.

9. Where does the healer, Chiron, show up in your chart?

This may be an indicator of areas you will need to heal so you help others. The healing in your life may be learning how to speak your truth, love yourself or create a family.


Regardless of where Chiron is placed in your chart, know that you can help others heal on their journey.

Exploring planetary alignment in your chart.

In natal charts, you can also explore the alignment of the planets and how they impact each other. These conjunctions can indicate potential challenges or ease of life.

When you get an astrology reading, you're exploring this current human life experience. Some past life issues will be revealed, but the main focus is on this human existence.

Understanding yourself more deeply through astrology readings.

After you have a good understanding of how you move through life as a human, isn’t time to explore yourself on a deeper plane? Meet yourself on a soul level?


Your soul’s magic is revealed in psychic readings, Akashic records, angel readings, and past-life readings.

It's with these understandings that you're able to create the life you really desire. You begin to understand your power of free will and manifestation.

The most important message is that regardless of what the planets say, you create your own life and destiny.

Have fun and explore the many valuable tools of self-discovery that are available to you, such as Western astrology reading, psychic reading, mediumship reading, Vedic astrology, intentional manifestation coaching, or even energy work.

All of these can be part of your self-awareness journey.


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Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach, and writer. If you are ready to discover more about your deepest self, contact her for an intuitive astrological reading, psychic reading, or spiritual life coaching.