The Truth About Angels, According To A Psychic

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Angels have been a part of the human consciousness for as long as anyone can remember.

However, they remain controversial because evidence of their existence is not tangible. Their reality is noted by their appearances in dreams, unusual circumstances, art, and other instances that defy logic.

They also show up in psychic readings frequently, and there's usually a reason for it.

Recognizing them is not difficult because of their unique qualities. They add a dimension to readings and to the lives of the clients they surround.


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What are angels?

Traditionally, angels are heavenly beings who are sent by God to serve mankind. They are messengers from God and always available to us, but they may not make their presence known.


Angels not only perform unbelievable undertakings, but they also have unique personalities, as well.

The appearances of angels at critical moments in a person’s life lend credibility to their existence, but the evidence of their work is difficult to verify.

Miracles attributed to them are considered coincidence by non-believers and rationalized as a product of the imagination.

In contrast, believers will swear that angels exist based on their experience and belief system.

There are angels for everything.

Angels are companions, motivators, and guides to those who claim they know them.

They inspire and are change-makers in the lives of those who may not otherwise have hope.


The descriptions of angels by those who have reported seeing them vary widely.

Some believers portray them as small, while others identify them as very large. Some angels are said to have only one set of wings, while others may have many.

This may cause confusion for observers trying to identify them, making angels less-acceptable to those who don't believe.

The existence of angels is not readily accepted by all.

The idea of angels could be easily dismissed if credible people did not have experiences with them. Their encounters are vivid and undeniable to them, to such an extent that the existence of angels cannot be ignored.

However, some people don't report their experiences for fear of being ridiculed.


This issue has caused the great minds of the ages to ponder these heavenly beings. There have been many attempts to categorize them.

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How are angels recognized in religion?

Every major religion in the world believes in spiritual entities such as guides and helpers from a divine source. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all have a group of these beings — angels.

Each religion recognizes angels as significant role-players acting on behalf of God, but it's the Christian belief system that describes them the most.

The Christian faith groups angels even further into sub areas that detail their specific roles and activities.


The most influential person in Christianity to scrutinize them was St. Thomas Aquinas who created three hierarchies and segments within those hierarchies:

The Lower Hierarchy, including angels, archangels, and principalities; the Middle Hierarchy, including powers, virtues, and dominions; and the Higher Hierarchy, including thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

Through the ages, each of these types of angels has been chronicled by people who have encountered them.

Over time, they've been grouped according to these descriptions and the roles that they have played, and the vivid illustrations of each type are depicted in art pieces and sculptures from the past.


These pieces assist the logical mind in understanding them, but whether they're correct remains a mystery and debate.

Angels have been folded into our society because the concept of their existence is comforting. They're the superheroes of yesteryear, rescuing humanity in the nick of time.

Their presence bolsters our faith in the spirit world, gives us hope that anything is possible in life, and validates the existence of God as the Supreme Being.

How are angels portrayed today?

The attributes given to angels are models for our current supernatural heroes like Thor and Superman. They exhibit qualities that embody angelic powers, because they are protectors of the vulnerable.


Angels are the original guardians for humanity and their work is recognized by the secular world.

Guardians of the Galaxy is another fictional story with coincidental references to angels due to the unique characteristics of each hero.

Angels are nuanced by personality and role, just like the cartoon characters who are placed in modern situations. However, the powers of the fictional characters pale in comparison to those of the real guardians.

The topic of angels is immense.

It's worthy of discussion and thought because they remain a rich source of encouragement and hope. The privilege of recognizing one in your life is incalculable.

You may know the angels in your life because of their special personalities. Psychics see them regularly.


Angels and their roles are important for us today and it's not a surprise that many of their attributes are depicted in modern superheroes.

They've inspired the imagination of creative people to use their miraculous abilities as models for their fictional characters. The modern movie box office is a testament to the miracles they perform.

It is just like the angels to show up in our society through comic books and movies. They act in mysterious ways and do not need to be acknowledged — for it's their nature to do things behind the scenes.

The work of angels is not done by themselves.

They are sent to us from the Divine to be spiritual companions, no matter the circumstances.


You don't have to believe in angels for you to have them in your life because they are there, anyway.

Angels appear when you least expect it, but it's up to you to be open to their presence. They don't need accolades or praise because it is just what they do!

The accomplishments in your life belongs to you and should not be diminished, but you should know the truth. You might have had a little help.

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John Cappello is a psychic medium and writer of angel books for children. For more information go to his website.