Welcome Success Into Your Life By Creating A Blessing Ceremony — 11 Things You'll Need

What does a blessing ceremony entail?

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What is the key to success? Do you want a little extra magic in your life? Are you seeking a new career and sending off resumes? Maybe you're applying to your dream college or program of study. 

Wherever you are, knowing how to welcome success into your life by creating a blessing ceremony can help you live abundantly.

I love the magic of ceremonies. There's something about slowing down and being very intentional with thoughts and actions that I find beautiful. 


It's almost like weaving love into my thoughts, dreams, and actions before I send them off to the Universe.

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The key to success in life is through a blessing ceremony.

I am in the final stages of putting together a book proposal. This has not been a solo journey. My editor has helped me but I also rely on another person to make it look great and put everything in one file.

My Guides, Angels, Universe, and ancestors are also helping me. It's in recognizing the unseen that I create a blessing ceremony and make the send-off of my book proposal a sacred event.


I'm being very intentional about what I'm bringing into my blessing ceremony. Before you begin planning your own ceremony, be very clear with your intention. 

Remember that in the ceremony, you are offering your desires to the Universe. You have no control over how they will manifest. However, you know it will be for your highest good.

And, most importantly, all ceremonies should be held in the space of love and light.

Here are the 11 things you need for your blessing ceremony, which will be your key to success in life.

1. Gratitude

Begin your ceremony with a feeling of gratitude. Look at the abundance and support in your life. Celebrate how far you've come.


Gratitude opens up your heart and automatically takes you to the beautiful flow of receiving and sharing Universal energy.

2. Intention

What is your intention? Be very clear about this. It should all fit into one small sentence. Meaning, it's not hinging on anything else for success. 

Your intention should be the desired final outcome.

3. Phase of the moon

Look at the phase of the moon. If you're in a time crunch, here are a few possible phases to consider:

New moon: Not time for action, so it's not ideal for a specific blessing ceremony. However, you could do a blessing of your dreams. This will not have a strong feeling of action, like some of the other phases of the moon.


First quarter: This is about taking steps toward your dream. This is a great time to do a blessing ceremony. However, there's one phase that's the strongest.

Waxing Gibbous: This is when everything falls into alignment, so take the final step now.

Full Moon: This is the after-party — you may see the results you were seeking. It's a great time for celebrating and having parts of your life illuminated. You may gain insight into the next step toward your dream.

4. Auspicious date

I love looking at the calendar for an auspicious date. This can be a lucky number of yours. It can also be a loved one’s birthday or some other anniversary. You want the date to be associated with something that makes you happy.


You can also use numerology, the Chinese calendar, or the Panchang Auspicious date calculation. Choose what resonates with your heart and intention.

I am using Vedic Astrology as an aide for my auspicious date. The date I chose is good for the fulfillment of desires, spiritual progress and much more.

5. Sage

Before I start my ceremonies I sage the area. I do this as much to clear my mind, as to clear the space.

6. Breath

I take several deep breaths and allow myself to feel the connection to Earth and All That Is.

I prefer sitting on the ground when doing my ceremonies.

I also use this time of breath to begin the call for my ancestors, Guides, Angels, and All That Is into my sacred event. I reconnect with the feeling of gratitude for all that I have in my life.


7. Prayer

I have now created a sacred circle with my ancestors, Angels, Guides and All That Is. It's here that I share my gratitude for their guidance. 

I ask them to deliver my dream (book proposal), to the right people at the perfect time. I ask that they follow this project and bless it every step of the way.

I release any worries or doubts, I have the energy of this moment to connect with, whenever needed.

I thank the members of my sacred circle and know they are never far.

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8. Crystals

Crystals are great for helping anchor the energy you want to work with. Here's a quick guide to some crystal energy you may want to use.


To enhance concentration, use hematite, smokey quartz, and soldite.

To enhance luck, explore the use of tiger’s eye, citrine, and quartz.

There are even crystals that help many types of disciplines. For example, I might choose clear quartz, tiger’s eye, and citrine, which are all good for writers. I might also choose blue quartz, to enhance my concentration.

Ultimately I will reach out to my favorite crystal guru, Carolyn Fike, and get her suggestions and see what aligns with my heart.

9. Candles

I love candles. I purchased a new one just for writing this blog. Here are a couple of ways to decide what type of candle you will work with.

Green candles are good for opening the heart and calling in new life into old projects.


Yellow candles call in vitality.

Red is a color my guides always show me regarding one’s professional path It can be viewed as grounding. Some may view it as a power color. Follow your gut and see if a red candle is the right choice for you.

White candles are perfect for protection and calling in the white light.

Orange candles are great for creativity and overall wellness.

I haven’t decided what candle or candles I will use. That's part of the fun of planning a ceremony. You're creating the perfect alchemy for your sacred circle.

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10. Essential oils

There are so many types of essential oils available. The most important part of choosing your oil is deciding what elements you want in your ceremony. 


Here are just a few essential oils you might consider:

Orange oil is great for creative thinking and being open to lighter elements.

Lemongrass oil is associated with wealth.


Rosemary oil can improve clarity.

Patchouli is grounding and helps sharpen the mind.

Frankincense promotes focus and is also grounding.

Ylang-ylang can be used to amplify gratitude.

There are oils that can help connect with our ancestors, angels, and guides. Have fun researching your perfect blend!

11. Affirmation

Deciding on an affirmation to be used during and after your ceremony is important. You may just decide to use the short statement of intention. 

For example, I might use, "My book is successfully published."

It's important that your affirmation feels true. You will say it several times in your ceremony and say it daily in your prayers. The idea is to stay steeped in that powerful energy of your blessing ceremony.


Have fun creating a ceremony that uses some or all of the tools mentioned above. You get to decide the where, when, and how you call the magic of the universe into your life and dreams. 

These experiences can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, enjoy the process.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive life coach, and writer. If you are ready to discover more about your deepest self, contact her for an intuitive astrological reading, psychic reading, or spiritual life coaching.