Naughty, Naughty! 4 Ways To ENJOY Sex In Public — Without Getting Caught!

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Enjoy outdoor sex without all the worry and risk.

The warmth of the sun on your bare skin. The expansive sky overhead. The sound of waves crashing against the cliff as your lover consumes you passionately. Sound good? Read on!

Outdoor sex is one of the most popular desires for men and women alike. Perhaps it is something very primal in our DNA from thousands of years of having sex in the great outdoors. Perhaps it is the incredible sensuality of nature. Whatever the reason, most people fantasize about making love outdoors.

But most of us don't want to get caught in the act and risk embarrassment — or worse yet, being arrested for public sex. So we keep our love lives indoors but can't seem to shake the aching desire to get frisky in open air. 

Here's ​how to have public sex on your next big outdoor erotic adventure.

1. Allow nature to fuel your desire.

Let's face it: nature is sexy! A walk in nature is a full body sensual experience — from the vibrant colors of flowers to the caress of a breeze, from the taste of fresh fruit to the sounds of running water.

So go on a walk with your lover and pay attention to all of your senses. Point out what turns you on — sights, sounds, and sensations. Allow yourself to be enlivened by the world around you, and then channel that excitement into flirtation.

Stop in beautiful spots, take it in and then turn and face one another. Relax by the side of a river and make out while the water rushes by. Make outdoor adventures a regular part of your time together and you'll find that nature is fueling your sensuality.

2. Slowly turn up the heat on your adventures.

If you are aroused by the idea of outdoor sex, start by exploring some heavy makeout sessions in the great outdoors. While getting naked and having sex outdoors may be illegal, there are no laws against public displays of passion.

Find a gorgeous spot a little off the beaten track and throw down a soft blanket. Then luxuriate in kissing and rolling around with your lover. Keep your clothes on and you can relax knowing that while you may raise some eyebrows, you aren't going to get in trouble.

3. Want to get friskier? Hike further. 

While you can make out anywhere you want, if you want to get even friskier and possibly even have sex outdoors, you have to hike further out. In most state parks there are trails that are very seldom traveled. As a general rule, the more strenuous the hike the fewer people you'll encounter.

So make a day of it and hike as far out as you can, venturing onto the small side trails. Then find a spot where you can see the trail from both directions — and whoever is getting pleasured keeps a look out. The thrill of being outdoors and keeping watch will make your play way more fun. Just don't lose yourself in the outdoor sex and forget to keep an eye out for fellow hikers.

4. Go all the way on private land. 

Want a chance to have uninhibited, fully naked outdoor sex? Rent a place in the country! Find a private rental where you have exclusive access to a few acres of the great outdoors. Check in with the owner that you'll be the only ones around, and then go wild.

When you know you are the only humans around, you can let your animal nature out. You'll be able to make love freely, without any concern about getting caught.

Does your friend have a cabin in the woods? Borrow it for the weekend and then enjoy as much outdoor sex as you can handle. Private land offers all the spectacular sexiness of the great outdoors without the risk of getting caught by the park rangers.


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