The Top 5 Weirdest Places People Have Sex In Public, According To New Study

Wow, really?

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People like having sex in public. I keep hearing this, but for the amount of hype that it gets, I’ve never actually witnessed it. I know the point isn’t to get caught, even though the thought of it is a total turn-on.

With all of this "sex in public" hoopla, I was really interested in how many people are actually partaking and where their favorite romp locations are. Voyeurs, you’ll want to pay particular attention, because this article may send you on a Geocaching type quest for all of the naughty couples out there.


Thanks to Superdrug, we now know where to find these people. They surveyed 1,000 Europeans and 1,000 Americans to not only find out which locations are their favorites for public sex but also which gender aims for these romps more. The study also looked into how many people dream about having public sex and how many of them actually act on it.

It turns out that between both Europe and the U.S, there's a consensus as to where to have public sex. The top five places are:

  1. The park
  2. The beach
  3. A public bathroom
  4. A public parking lot or parking garage
  5. At work

These are the additional places for public sex that didn't quite make the top five:


About 17 percent of the respondents chose the public park. If this is the case, why haven’t I stumbled upon this yet? What about the kids on the playground? Thirteen percent said the beach and two percent actually said they would do it in a church. The infamous back row of the movie theater got about five percent as well.

When looking to see how similar the Americans and Europeans were when it came to where to have public sex, it seems that they aren’t so different. The park, beach, and work were up there for both groups. And elevators and public parking spaces were not too popular among both.

There were some slight differences as Americans were more likely to do it on hiking trails than Europeans. When it came to getting sexy in the sauna, Europeans were far more likely to do so than Americans.


When looking at specific countries, the study found that Romania, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and France all were fans of the public park for sex. Portugal, Spain, and Italy were more likely to bang on the beach and Belgium was in favor of the public parking garages.

The study was interested in knowing where people WANTED to have public sex in the future. The beach came in at number one while the park was a close second. Seven percent of people said they wanted to get busy in dressing rooms while five percent thought about doing it in the public restroom.

There were a few unique choices in the mix like photo booths, top tourist spots, and landmarks. However, fewer than three percent wanted to have sex in these places. Some people had visions of sex in pools, hot tubs, skyscrapers, and rooftops, too.


When looking at gender differences, researchers found that men and women both agreed on similar places like the park, beach and dressing rooms.

There were a few differences, however, as men rated saunas and empty classrooms higher than women. Both men and women rated public pools and utility closets quite low.

When looking at different nationalities, their desires, and their actual public sex locations, the study found some notable differences.


In France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and Italy, most people wanted to have sex on the beach. However, it was only in Spain, Portugal, and Italy that these dreams were actually made into reality (maybe because of the weather and presence of coastline). For those living in the UK, France, and Germany, having sex in the park was much more realistic for them.

Polish people liked work sex while Romanians envisioned romps in public restrooms. Austrians and the Dutch were fans of doing it in the public parks.

The study also looked into whether or not the idea of public sex got men and women aroused.


It was the men who were more aroused by the idea, with 56.4 percent of them getting frisky with the thought compared to 43.8 percent of women. Researchers seem to think that this has to do with men being mentally programmed to engage in riskier sexual behavior than women. In turn, researchers believe that women are shyer when it comes to risky sexual behavior because they are programmed to want to protect their reputation.

When asked if they would have sex in public if given the opportunity, two in five men said that they would consider it, making them 42 percent more likely than women. There was about 16 percent of men who were truly excited about the chance for public sex compared to the 7.7 percent of women.


When asked if they would have sex in public, 16 percent of women said that they never would, while nine percent of women reluctantly said that they would if it would make their partner happy.

It seems that while sexual fantasies of public romps are going on ALL of the time, not as many people are acting on it. Sometimes, fantasies are better off that way.