Yes, Foreplay Can Be MUCH Hotter Than Sex — And Here's Why

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is foreplay better than sex

What comes to mind when you think about foreplay? Kissing? Full body touching? A little more? But surely not "the real deal," right? Is foreplay better than sex?

It is no accident that most people limit their idea of "real sex" to intercourse alone. This is a direct result of hundreds of years of sexual repression that taught us that "sex" was reproductive intercourse and that all other arousing activities were sinful, greedy and hedonistic.

Historically speaking, people put sexuality into a very narrow box that had no interest in female pleasure, female orgasm or expanding men's capacity for arousal. Now, most of us believe that sexuality is for something more than reproduction alone.

If you are reading this article, you are amongst this more evolved population of pleasure seekers (congrats!) and you understand that pleasure is healthy and worth exploring for its own sake. You know that intimacy, touch, and pleasure can come from a wide range of activities far beyond intercourse.

We invite you to start thinking about your sex life in a way that truly honors and celebrates ALL of your sexual relationships, and not just keep score based on how many times you have intercourse.

Here is an essential step that will transform your sex life: agree with your lover that you will communicate every time you are sexually intimate about what you want to do in that moment. All too often, people (women especially, but men too) say "no" to any kind of sexual encounter because they aren't in the mood for intercourse.

If you can lose the expectation that every time you get naked together you have to end with intercourse (or indeed orgasm), then you can both feel free to share as much or as little as you authentically desire in that moment.

What does this mean about foreplay? We believe that foreplay is both a way of building high levels of arousal and that all foreplay activities are a complete erotic experience on their own. From the building blocks of flirtation and initiation to all of the highly arousing techniques using your hands and mouth, use all of these strategies whether or not intercourse is on the menu.

We invite you to open your mind and begin embracing the idea that all kinds of pleasurable touch and intimate connection can count equally towards a fulfilling sex life.

Remember, this philosophy doesn't take anything away from you. When you embrace the idea of connecting with an open-ended erotic agenda, you can both say "yes" way more often.

So, is foreplay better than sex? Well, adopting this philosophy actually makes MORE sex happen — it just might not all be the same script that ends in intercourse. All foreplay activities, plus penetrative intercourse, are equal opportunities for pleasure.

There is such a wide range of activities that we humans can do with our bodies in different combinations for sexual pleasure, so why not explore them all?

Foreplay is the best way to get a woman excited for sex, but do you know how to get her there? Check out the video below for a how to guide:


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