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Top 10 Reasons To Learn Couples Massage

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Want to share the pleasures of massage with your lover? Sure, you can go to a spa and order a couples massage and pay $200 or more to receive massage on side-by-side massage tables; you’ll leave feeling relaxed, but no more connected to your partner. Or, you can learn how to share couples massage at home with your partner, giving and receiving quality massage as an act of love.

As trained massage therapists and sex educators, we believe that learning how to massage is the best investment you can make in a healthy relationship and a great sex life. Why? Here are our Top 10 Reasons To Learn Couples Massage!

10. Learn to Give Amazing Back Rubs Everyone loves a good back massage—learn how to do it like the pros. Be able to offer your lover an amazing, relaxing, highly pleasurable back rub at home anytime you choose. Learn the secrets of the pros that allow you to give deep, penetrating pressure without wearing out your hands. Your partner will melt under your touch—and so will you when it is your turn to receive!

9. Reap the Health Benefits of Touch Touch is healthy! Pleasurable touch lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and releases pleasure hormones. Exchanging massage at home is a delicious way to promote health and wellness!

8. Keep Intimacy Alive In our busy lives, it is all too easy to rush past intimacy and forget to actively cultivate closeness with our lover. Sharing a massage at home is a simple way to deliberately create intimate moments to bring you closer and keep your spark alive.

7. Soothe Out Chronic Stress Do you work at a computer all day long? Or bring home stress? Learn how to soothe out and relax chronically tense muscles. Help one another let go of stress from work so your time together can be more pleasurable. Less stress also means it is easier to get aroused, making your date night more likely to sizzle!

6. Learn a New Skill Together Relationship experts say that learning something new together is great for a relationship. The novelty of a new skill brings freshness and excitement, and gives you something to explore together as a couple. Sure, you could learn pottery or go to French lessons. Or, you could stay at home and learn massage and share the pleasures of quality touch!

5. Enhance Foreplay, Every Day The pleasures of massage are great on their own, but can also be a fabulous way to heat up foreplay and get in the mood for sex. Most women crave more foreplay and the skills you learn with massage will give you a whole new realm of touch to explore. Do you love full body touch before making love? Couples massage is the perfect foreplay for you!

4. Discover New Kinds of Touch Deep, penetrating touch? Light, feathery glides? How do you want to be touched? Learn a wide range of ways to touch one another and develop the vocabulary to ask for what you want. You'll find yourself using your massage skills every time you touch one another.

3. Relaxation, Pure and Simple We are all stressed out and you need to learn how to relax so stress doesn’t eat you alive. There are many ways to relax—yoga, exercise, meditation—but none are so effective as massage. With a massage from your lover, you can create full body relaxation in as little as five minutes—and we’ll show you how!

2. Stay Warm so it is Easier to Get Hot Massage keeps your physical relationship warm so it is easier to get hot when you are in the mood for sex. With couples massage you enjoy more time touching one another, sharing the gifts of time and attention, communicating and pleasuring one another. All of these skills translate into the bedroom for a better sex life. Sharing massage just may lead to more frequent and pleasurable sex!

1. Learn Massage for the Pleasure of It Massage is too pleasurable to be a once-in-awhile luxury. Learning couples massage brings this pleasurable skill home and allows you to soak in the pleasure of skilled touch anywhere, anytime. Everyone can learn to give a great massage—join us and bring the ultimate luxury of massage home and into your relationship!

We believe everyone can learn how to give a great massage with the stroke-by-stroke guidance in our Couples Massage Mastery online course. Our video guides show you how to share effective satisfying massage anytime you choose. You’ll learn effective sequences to create full body relaxation in as little as five minutes, so you can enjoy massage even on your busiest days (when you need it the most!) Most importantly, you’ll be bringing more pleasure and touch into your relationship for years to come!

Ready to unleash the pleasures of massage? Check out our Couples Massage Mastery course and use code YourTango for 20% off today!