Stop Faking It! 5 Steps To Truly Orgasmic Sex

sexy woman lying in bed

According to a recent study by the University of Kansas, 70 percent of women fake orgasm. Pressure to enjoy sex and concern for their partners' egos was cited as a popular reason to fake it.

Faking an orgasm while your partner is in the throes of ecstasy can be a loving thing to do, heightening his passion. However, sacrificing your satisfaction for your partner's could be leaving you frustrated, potentially for years. Women take longer to be stimulated than men. In fact, women require  15 to 40 minutes of foreplay to orgasm. Follow these five tips to a heightened orgasm experience:

1. Relax. An orgasm is about letting go. Let go of thoughts about anything other than making love.

2. Make sure you get stimulated vaginally before oral sex. Once you do, the party is about over. Clean up on aisle nine. Most men think when you're wet you are ready. This is a misconception. Most women need at least 20 minutes of foreplay to have an orgasm. (Soul Sex: The Art Of Lovemaking.)

3. Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay! Allow your partner to pleasure you first, using the ten minute rule. Have your partner kiss you ten minutes, massage you for ten minutes, stimulate nipples, inner thighs, fingers, toes, stomach with light touch and tongue ten minutes. Before your partner enters you, have him spend ten minutes massaging your G-spot (step four). Foreplay for women is the most important part. If you skip foreplay, orgasm will continue to allude you

4. G-Spot Massage. It really does exist. Taking the time to find this goddess point will change your life. The G-spot is located one to three inches inside the vagina along the front vaginal wall. Have your partner insert his middle finger completely into your vagina curling his finger back towards himself in a come hither motion. Direct your partner to gently stimulate using a short stroking touch. When your G-spot is stimulated it becomes enlarged and feels ribbed. When swollen, a vaginal orgasm is not only possible but probable. So ... wait for it! If you aren't trembling all over, you aren't aroused enough.

5. Mount up! Squeeze your internal muscles and move your hips. Keep breathing through your open mouth and make noise. Sounds help to stimulate both of you to orgasm. When your mouth is open, you are more likely to orgasm. Making direct contact with the clitorus is required for most women to achieve orgasm. Masturbate while your man thrusts in and out of your vagina. Get over the embarrassment as most men enjoy watching you stimulate yourself. 

The first few times your G-spot receives attention, it may become extremely sensitive. Stop and try again a little later. You may also feel the need to urinate but this leaves quickly. This is the pleasure spot of the woman. When it is stimulated regularly, sex takes on an entirely different connotation. You step into your goddess persona.

When the man's penis swells inside your vagina just before his orgasm, this causes your G-spot begins to swell bringing you close to orgasm, and it's over! He's drooling on his pillow asleep already. Follow these steps to a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. Don't be afraid to guide and ask for what you want, you will be glad you did.

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