How To Tell If She Likes You, Based On Her Texts

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Not everyone is looking for the same type or depth of love or relationship right now, so how can you tell if a girl likes you? The secret lies in the way she texts!

The next move after you get a woman's number is to send a text to show interest, right? So, it's the perfect way to figure out how to tell if a girl likes you or if she just isn't interested.

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Texting gives women a quick, non-threatening way to take charge and demonstrate her interest.

Even somewhat-shy women can send a simple, “Hey,” or smiley Emoji without the huge anxiety a call or face-to-face meeting would bring. It reduces humiliation.

Texting enables a woman to easily make the first move instead of waiting for the man to do it.

A woman's “I’m interested” text typically begins with, “Hey," which is code for, “I like you and want to get to know you."

A guy will often text back “Hey." But when a woman texts you, she's showing she's ready for a conversation. She'd like you to elaborate on what’s going on after your “Hey.”

Women typically love to talk via text.

If you want to show your shared interest in her, add a reasonable paragraph.

There are a lot of articles telling women, "For a guy to know you’re interested, show him he’s needed." So, if she's texting you for help with her TV installation or some other minor situation, she's really saying, “I’d like to get together and am uncomfortable asking you directly.”

But men may perceive this as meaning she's looking for a handyman, not a relationship, and move on. So, what do guys need to know about “I’m interested,” texting from women?

Here's how to tell if a girl likes you based on her text messages.

1. She initiates the text.

Did you get a message saying, “Hey, how was the rest of the weekend after we met?” That really means, “I want to get to know you.” It doesn’t mean, “I’m bored.”

Guys may think “I’m bored” is their “hey,” at times, since texting a "hey” to some girl relieves boredom until the work team meeting resumes, until the long red light turns green, or until they get all the way up to the front of the line, etc.

But when a woman initiates the text, even if it's "hey," she's showing interest in you.

2. She asks you questions.

Women ask questions. Answer them with some description.

Ask some, too, if the interest is mutual. Keep the conversation going.

3. She's being playful.

For example, she notices your initials are C.B. She texts, “Hey, Cliff Bar.” She sends an Emoji with neon flashing "goodnight" and a winking moon. Come play with her!

Don’t trust your own comedic creativity? Try Googling funny quotes about her favorite artist or musician; record your out-of-tune voice singing the first stanza of a song.

If she says she loves oatmeal for breakfast, send a gif of a cartoon dog eating oatmeal. Play and humor will give you points. You’ll become hot beyond your looks.

Always hold off on unpacking heavy sex talk, even when you're being playful.

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4. She sends lengthy replies.

When a woman sends a lengthy text reply to your brief text questions, she’s hoping you’ll engage in more of a story, too. Don't be afraid to have a conversation with her.

5. She's consistent about responding to your texts.

This doesn't mean she replies immediately as soon as you text. There are times when she will respond quickly and not at others. The latter doesn’t mean she's “not interested.”

There are other commitments in a day, not just text-returning. But if she makes a solid effort to reply to your texts, then you know she wants to talk to you more.

6. She texts you pictures of her day-to-day life.

Here comes a photo of her favorite cafe mocha at her beloved coffee shop. Here’s the view from her balcony. Here’s one of a dog that might resemble yours. And look: It’s the ice-cream store she hopes to wait in with you.

She’s transitioned from the toe-in-the-water interest level to the foot-in-the-water. These text photos are an invitation into her personal life, which is more intimate.

7. She tries to match your humor.

She’ll strive to align with your humor by sending a joke text. But she’ll mess up the punchline, which she’s noted for anyway.

This is a good chance to compliment her for trying — that is, if you’re interested.

8. She tries to figure out your plans for the weekend.

When she asks, "What’s up for the weekend?" She may hope there’s space for in-person time with you. Texting makes it easier for her to “hear” the "no.”

If you’re interested and just booked that weekend, jump to schedule something soon after so she doesn't think that you're uninterested in her.

9. She'll initiate naughty texts.

These will happen if she's interested in a hookup, or if you've been talking to her for a while.

Women who like you and want to step into date-toward-relationship status will start sexting later in the process of getting to know you.

If she sends these pics toward the beginning of your connection, then it's possible she may just be looking for a hookup.

Now, how can you tell a girl likes you? Hopefully, these tips will give you an idea of what signs to look for that could mean a relationship is incoming.

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