5 Reasons Why Talking On The Phone Is Better For Your Relationship Than Texting

A phone call is worth a thousand texts.

5 Reasons Why Talking On The Phone Is Better For Your Relationship Than Texting

If you have a choice, always pick a phone call over a text message.

In a world that is ruled by technology, phones are our companions and minicomputers that never leave our hands. Only when we fall asleep, do we set it down. Now, phones may be an annoyance, but they can be our best friend, too. It’s a small device that interconnects us over vast amounts of space. Long distance relationships of all sorts are now not so far away, because with the touch of a button, we can say hello or send a sweet picture or video message to anyone half-way across the world.


As much as we love to hate technology, it's brought us closer together in many ways, too.

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I can’t tell you how many times my phone was the lifeline that kept my relationship alive. Separated by multiple states, a call was the only form of communication we had. Sure, texting was useful when we were busy. The ability to send a text message quickly and then receive one back just as fast can give such a relieving rush. But what happens when they can’t get back to you? That feeling of a text being marked as "read" but then never replied to can be a hard pill to swallow.


The quick fix of a text isn’t always enough. That is the reason a phone call can have so much meaning behind it.

When you're talking on the phone with someone you care about, hearing that person’s voice, regardless of whether you saw them a few hours or for a couple of months ago, can mean the difference between a healthy relationship and one that's falling apart. That is the power of your smartphone — a device that is much more important than any other high-tech application. A text is something that you send so quickly, so often, and so it can lose feeling and meaning.

Also, it's hard to convey our true feelings through written words and emojis, but phone calls can portray what we are actually feeling through our voices — which makes a world of difference when it comes to communication over distance.

Take a look below at 5 important reasons why talking on the phone can save your relationship — proving that a phone call is worth a thousand texts.


1. Phone calls can be just as quick (if not faster) as texting someone is.

The quickness of a simple text message may be efficient in some cases, but what happens when you have a lot to say? If you put all of those words on the screen and send it, what if they misunderstand what you wrote? Or don't read it all?

It is hard to convey emotions through just words. Even when you use emojis, it may still not be clear. Phone calls allow you to have a more transparent conversation while understanding the meaning behind their words. With this, you avoid confusion and the possibility of a fight altogether.

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2. You'll be more likely to remember important moments when you're on the phone.

When you hear something from the source, you’re more likely to remember it. I can’t tell you how many times I have sent or seen a text and immediately forgotten about it. That really makes the next conversation you have with that person awkward. You forget what you were guys talking about.


When you are on the phone talking to someone, first, you usually start and end the point of a conversation. Second, you hear their voice asking you to do something. That gets stored in your memory, and you don’t forget what they said.

3. Phone calls close the distance that separates you — because you can hear their voice say it in real time.

Phones connect us to our family, friends, and romantic relationships. Regardless of the distance, we can call people that live in Japan while we are living in the United States. It is a remarkable feature of the technology.

Hearing a person’s voice makes you feel like their right next to you. That’s not something that you can achieve with a text. I survived through a long-distance relationship that spanned over three years. Phone calls were the thing that kept our relationship together. There were times where a text message wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter how many texts you wrote, or how long the notes were. That feeling of detachment from the person was so intense that only hearing their voice would make me feel better.

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4. Phone calls show you care and are putting in the effort.

Taking a moment out of our busy lives and calling up the ones we love means something. That one moment that you choose to call, when you could have just sent a text, shows that you care.

Sure, writing a text message can be sincere and is letting them know how you are and what you're thinking. Texts have their own uses, depending on the situation. However, there is nothing better than having a rough day and hearing someone’s voice. It also makes it known that you are thinking about them by picking up the phone and making a call. It’s just an added benefit that it makes them happy because your voice brings back memories.

5. A video call is even better for your relationship.

Technology is in our lives and isn’t going anywhere. We now have the joy of Facetime and Zoom and other video chatting software that allows us to see and talk to a person face-to-face. Everyone in the world knows how to pick up a phone and dial. Technology has been slowly desensitized us and disconnecting us from physical human interaction. It is up to us to keep the one thing that connects us regularly in use.


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