10 Ways To Deal With Anger (And Find The Peace You SO Deserve)

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how to deal with anger and find peace
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In today’s world, anger seems to be pervasive and dominating the news, both written and visual media, and even social media.

Now I know that the news mostly shows the negative and the dramatic, but there is a lot of anger portrayed in the world today. You can feel it in your own life if you wake up edgy or find yourself being less tolerant, or getting snappy with those you work and live.

Letting go of the anger is the key to being happy, but I realize this is easier said than done. 

My long time friend Dave Ellis states in his book Falling Awake, that we need to choose our conversations carefully. We need to be conscious of what we say, and to whom, and who do we have that supports our truthful and transparent communication.

Dave says even the news and movies we watch are conversations. Sometimes we need to balance the media meme of violence and negative news, with positive and uplifting media. 

“Moment by moment, we get to choose our conversations and community. What’s at stake is enormous — everything we say, hear, watch, listen to, read, and see. No choices are more powerful than these.” (Falling Awake by Dave Ellis)

Here are some tips to help you live without anger dominating your daily life, and instead find happiness:


1. Don't watch the news incessantly.


Check in for the important but don't watch the repetitious and overly dramatized ‘breaking news”.

2. Choose your conversations.

Find topics to explore with friends that are not about anger producing events.

Diffuse toxicity with positivity.

Yes, positive news and stories and narratives do exist!

3. Start your day with a ritual of positivity.


For some, this is a spiritual or religious time. Prayer, meditation, peaceful music, reading inspirational prose or poetry, positive imaging of the day's intentions, or even yoga or Tai Chi.

All of these set the mood for what is to come and remember like attracts like.

4. Create a place of personal power.

This can be a beautiful place you have been and are able to go there in your mind and absorb the energy from such a place.

This can be done with just a brief pause to recharge.

5. Don't take things personally.


Whatever might push your button, it is not about you.

Once you become inoculated to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be a victim of needless suffering.

6. Remember that opinions are not facts.

Friendly arguments at work or home can be viewed from a position of observing and noticing...not engaging.

It’s a good practice to say things like “you may be right.” That does not deny that you might also disagree, but so what?

7. Have a committed listener or two who can just hear you rant if you need to and understand it will pass if expelled from your system.


Resilience comes from practice and understanding that it is how you respond to a situation and the choices you make moment to moment.

With practice, you can become masterful.

8. When your buttons get pushed and you react angrily, pause, reflect, and rewind.

You can apologize for over exuberance and rephrase your truth or opinion in a much more respectful manner.

9. Find a cause to get involved with locally.

Helping those in need or giving of yourself in a loving way, will feed your soul. Get involved in a cause and your heart will sing.

10. Take breaks from your routine.

This can be for part of a day, a getaway weekend or a vacation where you are unplugged from your devices.

Try it, you’ll survive and be recharged from nature and beauty or from inspiring landmarks and landscapes and unplanned experiences.


There is lots of good news in the world. You just have to seek it out. And there are even magazines, blogs, and other social media that can be medicine for your soul.

In The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute, the character of Yusuf says, “lasting solutions to our outward conflicts are possible only to the extent we find real solutions to our inner ones.”

Peace is the way, and the path begins within us.

We can then journey toward peace and happiness with others in our community and hopefully, that will spread.


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