4 Stress Relieving Tips Celebs Use To Deal With Cancer

4 Stress Relieving Tips Celebs Use To Deal With Cancer [EXPERT]
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Tig Notaro’s recent diagnosis of cancer has shown how a celebrity deals with cancer: she talks about it. She has opened up and received support from friends and the world at large. Not all of us have the ability to receive such widespread support. However, there are equally healthy ways that all people afflicted with cancer can cope and maybe even thrive.

Physical symptoms of cancer treatment, usually chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting, constipation and diarrhea, nutrition and eating problems, hair loss, confusion and memory problems, skin changes and loss of libido. Many of these symptoms are heightened by stress and anxiety.   

In this article we will first deal with fear about cancer and the stifling effect this has on your ability to confront it. We will talk about a treatment called neurofeedback that which may help you feel safe enough to then explore four techniques, aside from medication, for dealing with the symptoms of cancer.

Pain, fatigue and the fear of what cancer is doing to you can lead to a great deal of stress and depression. The emotional weight of living with cancer can negatively impact many areas of your life, especially social relationships and your willingness to take risks to make your life happier and healthier.

A key component for dealing with stress and anxiety for cancer patients can be neurofeedback therapy. You can use this non-invasive therapy to decrease your stress levels so that you are inclined to take advantage of other non-invasive pain management techniques. Since each person is unique in their tolerance for pain and what works best on their body, you may need assistance getting to a place where you feel confident enough to explore various techniques before finding the best method. 

Neurofeedback often relieves anxiety so that you can really explore all possibilities. Once you conquer your anxiety enough to venture out of your comfort zone, you might like to try one or all of these four effective alternative techniques for dealing with symptoms of cancer: breathing exercises, guided imagery, developing a new hobby and meditating on positive daily affirmations. All of these techniques require patience and persistence before positive results occur. In other words, give yourself a break and try to enjoy the process. 

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