The Texts You Should (And Shouldn’t) Send If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

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Getting an ex-girlfriend back after a bad breakup is often a challenge that must be tailor-made for the individual. What may sweep one girl off of her feet may leave another one annoyed and angry. Thus, as her ex-boyfriend, it’s up to you to use what you know about her to form an attack plan (a.k.a., a-get-her-back plan).

Yet, whatever blueprint you come up with, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to send a text or two. That is, after all, the preferred route of communication of the modern times (email is soooo 2008 and telegrams are sooooo 1908).

So, what do you put in your text messages? What texts to get your ex-girlfriend back will be successful and which ones will be detrimental?


Texts to get your ex-girlfriend back require a type of fine-tuned finesse. They also involve things you should say, and things you shouldn’t. Let’s start with the latter.


3 Texts You Shouldn’t Send:

It goes without saying that sending texts to your girlfriend that read “If you don’t come back to me I’m going to down this entire bottle of aspirin” or “You’ve made me mad…don’t be surprised if you wake up with all your hair cut off” are much more likely to lead to the police knocking on your door than her doing the rapping.

But, not only should you never threaten (not via a text or otherwise) but you should also NOT:

1. Try to talk about your relationship

Talking about your relationship over a text message, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, is like hearing that your grandmother died over email. In other words, it’s in bad taste. If you want to talk about your relationship, then talk…in person.

2. Act desperate

When you are trying to reconcile with an ex, acting desperate is a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot. If she knows you're desperate, she also knows that she holds all the cards. She’s in control and pretty much allowed to do whatever she wants while you stay at home pining for her. This isn’t what you want. So, refrain from any kind of desperation text or sending texts numerous times a day.

3. Blame her

Yes, there’s a strong chance that your relationship came to an end because of mistakes you and your ex both made: the blame is not yours alone to shoulder. However, blaming her will only place her on the defensive, and far less likely to even consider giving the two of you another chance. Blaming her in a text message is particularly passive aggressive, automatically placing two strikes against you.



3 Texts You Should Send:

Now that we’ve talked about the texts you shouldn’t send, let's discuss the ones you should. But, before we do this, remember that the texts to get your ex-girlfriend back shouldn’t be sent right after the breakup; rather, give her some time to miss you and some time to regret her decision. Then, send a text THAT:

1. Keeps things casual

“Hi, how’ve you been?” or “Did you catch Parks and Rec last night?” are great ways to open the lines of communication without coming across as too heavy. Keeping things light and casual takes the pressure off of her and allows her to consider that maybe, just maybe, you are no longer wanting her. Once she believes that human nature says she’ll want you more.

2. Show her you’ve changed

It can be difficult to show someone you’ve changed in a text message. But, it’s not impossible. If the two of you broke up because of your obsessive dedication to your garage band, for instance, be sure that none of your texts mention anything to do with your super awesome music. Even if she asks about your band, write back something like, “I’m more curious as to what’s been going on with you.” Yep, that’ll get her.

3. Set up a meeting

After you’ve done the texting thing, a time will come for the two of you to meet. Again, it’s important to keep things casual: instead of asking her to your godson’s baptism, see if she wants to grab a beer after work. Casually meeting up shows her that you want her in your life…even if it involves you having to be patient.

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