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6 Signs You're With The Person Who Should Be Your Spouse

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6 Signs You're With The Person Who Should Be Your Spouse

What actually is a soul mate? The issue is that not everyone agrees on its definition.

Google Dictionary says, "a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner." That's pretty vague, don’t you think?

I've decided to go out on a limb for the sake of this article and make my own soulmate definition. At least we'll all be on the same page.

A soulmate is one or more people you have an unexplainable and profound connection with that is unlike anything else you've had with another. I'm also going to concentrate on soulmates as a romantic partner since so many of us can relate to the term in that way.

Another issue to keep in mind is often we relate spirituality and soulmate together. Since we may have varying ideas on this topic, allow your personal view of spirituality to be your guide in understanding this unique partnership. You will intertwine the two as it makes sense and feels right for you.

Let's move on and learn the basic qualities of a loving soulmate that are must-haves:

1. They understand you on a deeper level.

Soulmates often feel like they have known each other for much longer periods of time than they actually have. They often just possess a knowing about each other without ever having spoken about it. They may have an unexplainable human connection that they don't feel with other people, and they are linked in an indescribable way.

I'm talking about the person who enjoys the quirkiest things about you — certain things you say and do that you think are too weird or unusual to let most people see. That makes you, well, you.

And, when that part of your authentic self comes forward, you are at your finest! Their presence alone encourages you to put yourself out there without regret.

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2. They can almost read your mind.

How is it that they know what you're thinking? It seems like your senses and perceptions are feeding off of each other so much so that one or both of you often say, "I was just thinking that", "You read my mind", or "How did you know?"

It doesn't make sense and there's no use trying to explain it. Just let it come forth in all its uncommonness. You can also gain this when you're around a person for a long time, however, this seems different. They see you on a deeper level and can sometimes do it early on in your relationship.

3. They prioritize you.

It's easy because you are so linked together that you can't imagine not taking each other into consideration in your daily lives. Now, this is different from lusting someone, which fades over time. This is a commitment that lies deep within.

No piece of paper or license is needed to tell the other they have to do it; it's just a given.

4. Being with them feels light and easy.

People say relationships are hard. I say hogwash! Sure, there are challenges and issues to work through. Yes, our partners can be a mirror showing us our positives and negatives, but to say it's difficult or straining too much of the time says that perhaps we are forcing it or trying too hard.  

Soulmates will work together through life and come out better for it because of their two complementary personalities. Often you will find yourself in conversation with them and three hours feels like three minutes.

You get to go with the flow and deal with taking each day as it comes. Even when life throws you lemons, having this person beside you will bring you to the lemonade stand much quicker than most others will. Your worst tragedies will be soothed by this person because of their presence and a knowing that they have your back.

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5. You can challenge them without fear they'll stop loving you.

A soulmate will always have your best intentions at heart. They will find ways to bring out what you most want to fix, need to change, and offer you opportunities to become your best self.

It won't be harsh or damaging to your self-esteem; it's done in a manner that you can handle because they know who you are and how much you can handle. They will support you through your human development and love you along the way.

6. They provide a feeling of quiet comfort.

Drama is at a minimal with your soul mate. There is no need for it because your allies in life coming together to grow and move forward. You have no doubt that the other will be their physically, mentally, and emotionally for you as often as humanly possible. It's a given because you know that's just how it is between you.

You feel bonded in the comfort of love and acceptance, even though you're both not perfect. Your flaws are there but less noticeable because you resonate with each other on a deeper, higher level. The quietness between you both is easy.

It is important to still remember that this kindred spirit is still human and on their own life's journey. They still possess their own flaws and misgivings and are certainly not perfect. However, they may be perfect for you.

Set your expectations high because you deserve it, yet remember that this is a special bond that needs love, nurturing, and forgiveness, just like any relationship.

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Lori Peters is an author, professional speaker, and college instructor. Her passion is to help others create more happiness in their loving relationships. Check out her new book, Getting Married at Last— My Journey from Hopelessness to Happiness and check out her website to get your free gift.

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