Top Ten Ways To Irritate A Man

I overheard a conversation a couple of days ago in a men’s clothing store, between three guys. I will fully admit that the topic of conversation caught my attention and I intentionally eves dropped. I probably would have taken my mini-notepad out and started taking notes if that hadn’t been too obvious.

One of them was there to buy something to wear on a blind date. The three of them were discussing what could go wrong on that date, which rapidly turned into a conversation about what women do that irritate them. I am going to paraphrase a bit, but I am going to give you a peak inside the brains of three single guys who appeared to be pretty smart. They also all three seemed to want to find Miss Right. However, at least two of them were skeptical she was out there. That said, skeptical or not, hope seemed to spring eternal, because the most jaded of the bunch was the one shopping.

So below are my observations about the top ten ways to irritate a guy.

* She expects me to make her feel pretty, appreciated, happy, sexy, or ___________ . Men do not want to be responsible for our emotions. Most of all men do not want to be responsible for how a woman feels about herself.
* She wants me to think what she wants me to think. Men do not want to be pressured to adopt their woman’s opinions. They want to think what they want, like what they want, and be free to be who they are.
* She expects me to include her in everything. A man likes a woman that can be independent. Better yet, a man likes a woman that has a lot of fun in her life without him.
* She is really rigid. Men like a woman who can go with the flow. Even more so, most men like a woman who is down right spontaneous.
* If she doesn’t like her own body, how am I suppose to get excited about it? If you have hang ups about your body, men don’t want to hear about it.
* She uses sex to get her way or worse yet, she uses sex as a weapon to hurt me. Men want sex for sex sake. They don’t see it as complicated and they hate it when women make it convoluted.
* She talks too much. That one goes without explanation.
* She won’t let me help her. A man really does enjoy taking care of a woman. When she refuses any assistance it indicates to him on some primal level he isn’t wanted.
* She is emotionally unpredictable or moody. Men do not know how to respond to a woman who is emotionally erratic. I gathered that usually all they needed was warning. Something like, “You know, I’m not feeling great today.” However, uneven emotions without warning cause the springs in a man’s brain to start uncoiling.
* I have no idea what the hell she wants. Men are not mind readers. The only way they should know what a woman wants is if she’s told him.


Oh yeah - and here’s a bonus...

* She expects me to check in with her all the time...


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