10 Things Women Do That Make Men Cheat, According To 8,000 Cheating Men

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Why do men cheat?

Well, if a guy resorts to infidelity, there are probably a few reasons... right?

It may be that his partner isn’t as intimate as he'd like. Or perhaps he's no longer attracted to her, or finds her annoying or lacking in the bedroom. Maybe he simply likes the rush of having someone pining for him on the side.

Whatever the ultimate reason why men cheat is, their mistress probably does things that their partner doesn’t. Things that he really likes. His relationship with his mistress is all about playfulness, attraction, lust, and sex.

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Your relationship with him, however, may be much more complicated.

Over time, as the lust dies down, relationship behaviors like moodiness, jealousy, and insecurity may arise. Maybe you have sex less often, and you get upset with each other more often.

Because of these changes, people often look outside of their marriages to get back that spark.

Victoria Milan, a leading dating site for extramarital affairs, wanted to find out why so many people cheat.

They polled 8,210 male members of their site (who included men from the U.S, Ireland, the UK, Spain, the Nordics, France, Italy, Canada, South Africa, and Poland) to find out what irritating things their partners do that their mistresses do not, revealing the following cheating statistics.

Here are 10 things women do that make men cheat, according to 8,000 cheating men:

1. Frequent mood swings

We all get moody, but we tend to hide it from people who we aren’t extremely comfortable with.

In new relationships, most people will try to stay positive and happy so that it’s easier to attract a partner. However, once the comfort of a relationship sets in, you may let your mood swings come out in full force.

According to the survey, 97 percent of men said that this was the most irritating behavior they saw in their partners.

2. Jealousy

If the guys in this survey have mistresses, it’s no wonder that their partners are jealous and suspicious. However, 96 percent of the men in the survey say that they dislike this behavior.

Maybe their partners have innate issues with jealousy, which drove their men into the arms of someone else. But maybe they’re just picking up on the mistress vibe that their husbands are already putting out.

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3. Discussing their sex life with friends

These men are not fans of having their sex lives shared with their buds. According to the survey, 93 percent of the group found this behavior very irritating.

The longer you’re together, the more likely it is to have a shared group of friends. It can be awkward and unsettling to know that your friends know all about your weird kinks.

4. Getting upset easily

Men in this survey find it irritating that their partners get upset so easily.

Committed relationships, especially when living together, tend to be more complicated and dynamic. Your partner may get upset that you leave fingernail clippings in the sink and never take out the trash. A mistress never really has to deal with that side of you.

There’s simply more to get upset about when it comes to a serious partner. However, 90 percent of men found this behavior irritating.

5. Never explaining what they want

According to the survey, 89 percent said that they find this annoying.

Women may expect their partners to be intuitive, especially if they’ve been together for a long time. They may expect their man to set aside time for them, help around the house, and give them compliments without having to ask.

A mistress is more likely to be straightforward since their time together is limited.

6. Finding ways to avoid sex

The survey shows that this behavior annoys 88 percent of men.

It’s pretty normal for a woman’s sex drive to lower the longer she’s been in a relationship. Without the initial lust and excitement of a new partner, things tend to slow down in the bedroom.

Men often have a higher sex drive than women, and look towards an affair to get their needs met.

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7. Needing constant reassurance

It seems that the men in this survey don’t want to be the ones to make their partners feel confident when it comes to looks.

According to the survey, 87 percent of men find this behavior annoying. They may not know what to say, or they may find their partner insecure which is a turn off.

8. Being obsessed with height

Women can often be obsessed with their man's height. This can be a huge turnoff for guys, especially those who aren't that secure.

The study found that 87 percent of men found this fixation on height annoying. Their mistresses may make men with a height complex feel more desirable and confident.

9. Wanting to share food at restaurants

Apparently, sharing is not caring for the men in this survey. A whopping 65 percent of them said that they find this incredibly annoying.

Women may want to share food because it makes them feel closer to their partners. If they share finances, they may also want to share food for the sake of saving money.

Mistresses may not be comfortable enough to share while dining out.

10. Asking too many questions

Too many questions? Maybe it’s because your partner can sniff out your mistress from a mile away.

According to the survey, 65 percent of men found this irritating.

Partners often ask questions because they care and want to make sure you’re safe. Is that really so bad?

This survey is actually really helpful for both men with mistresses and their partners.

If you’re a man who is thinking about getting (or already has) a mistress, your behavior may be causing your partner to do these irritating things.

If you’re a woman in a committed relationship, you may want to analyze your own behaviors. Could you be pushing your partner away with your actions?

It seems that with a little effort from both partners, an affair could be avoided altogether.

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