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Life was suppose to be different than this. Marriage was suppose to be different. You wanted more. You wanted more of everything. More family, more success, more fun, more love, more romance. Most of all you wanted more happiness. As you are looking at your life now, you realize although you think you should have it all – you don’t. However, the bottom line is you are unhappy in your marriage or relationship. You seem OK. Things look fine from the outside. Underneath it all you are sad, seething, and pissed off. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, every morning, knowing things aren’t getting better, you tell yourself the biggest lie, It’s not that bad – it could be so much worse. My marriage isn’t that bad. I want you to know, that lie will steal your soul. I can help.

About Lisa Hayes

I can tell you this, no matter where you are in the pursuit of relationship of your dreams, I've probably been there.  I've lived through the dream turning into a nightmare.  I've lived through the dream becoming a faint memory in the fury of the daily grind.  The good news for me is I got my dream come true.  What I know for sure about all of it is this, you can get your dream come true also.

In my years of working with clients I have learned that relationships can be our greatest source of pain or joy.  I know that when our relationships are out of balance nothing in life worked quite the way it should.  So, any investment you make in learning the tools and skills it takes to attract and keep the love you want, is a solid gold investment in your life. 

No matter where you are there is no shame in it.  Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better."   So, maybe it's your time to learn to do things differently.   You can set new standards, make a new plan, and get busy creating something you really want or you can keep doing things they way you have been.  However, if you're getting results you don't like, it might be time to try something different.

I don't have all the answers, but I literally wrote the book, How To Escape From Relationship Hell.  With my personal and professional experience, chances are pretty high I can help you find your answers, and yes, maybe your prince charming.  Check out my website, http://www.lisamhayes.com .

Let's see how we can figure it out together.

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