The Secret, Most Powerful Aphrodisiac

The Secret, Most Powerful Aphrodisiac

I'm reading the new issue of Men's Health as research for a business I'm starting with a friend, and there was an article about food and sex. Apparently, new research reveals that food is the ultimate sex toy. As Mario Batali says, "Food is the ultimate metaphor for sex. How else can you make someone happy by putting something inside of them?"

One of the many interesting points the article made was about food as aphrodisiacs. They listed five foods that are considered aphrodisiacs: chocolate, oysters, watermelon, alcohol, and phallic or vaginal foods like strawberries and bananas. What interested me was that four of the five had very little to no actual physical or chemical reason they would be libido boosters. Alcohol was moderately effective at impacting libido in a measurable way, unless you imbibe too much. That strongly suggests that the real sex organ is the mind. Female Vs Male Brain: Is There A Difference?

We know that dopamine, one of the chemicals produced by the brain, is responsible for cravings of all kinds. Unchecked, dopamine will turn you into an addict, and it doesn't care if you're addicted to alcohol, chocolate, or orgasms. In fact, an addictive personality will likely be addicted to all those and more. But did you know that the frontal lobe of the brain, which regulates associative memory, is the real aphrodisiac at work? Do Aphrodisiacs Really Exist?

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