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‘I’m Seriously Considering Divorcing My Overweight Husband’ — Woman Seeks Advice On Strained Marriage

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Woman considering divorce

A woman took to Reddit's TrueOffmyChest to explain why she may be considering divorcing her husband.

The subreddit TrueOffMyChest is a place where you can get personal things off your chest, but just that, not for opinions, relationships, advice, and preaching as the description of the subreddit details.

There are other subreddits for all that. 

The woman says she's 'seriously considering divorcing' her overweight husband, but not for the reason you think.

The woman said that at first, she and her husband were moderate weights, got along, and he was super sweet, taking her to romantic places and so forth. When they married seven years ago, she said it had been hellish. He was let go from his job, and he became severely depressed. 

"He started playing online games and eating out for most meals even though I offered to make him lunches before I left for work, but he refused and said it would be too much work for me," she said in the middle of the post. 

Two years into the marriage, the woman had their daughter but had issues and was left unemployed for a while.

Her husband refused to find work, and she said that "he would rather spend his time gaming and 'taking care of our daughter' so we ended up borrowing money from my mother."

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After five years, she is now employed, but her husband is not, he's over 250 lbs, and they have not had sex for two years since he tires too quickly.

She says he still spends more of his time interacting with his friends online than their daughter in the post, and when their daughter wants to play or spend time with her dad, he will brush her off. 

She has tried convincing her husband to go on a diet, but only 3 to 4 days into the diet, she catches him with a takeaway box or an Uber order.

She says she's tried so hard with him, but he is not putting in the effort, but she does not want to divorce.

She says, "I know what it's like to grow up in a broken home but I also know what it's like to have a deadbeat father and I can't tell what I should do." 

Many comments say the weight is the least of her issues.

User Shanen12 said, "The weight is the least of your issues here," with their comment receiving 4.2K upvotes.

 Many agree with the discussion here, saying that weight is not the issue.

One user said that the husband sounds seriously depressed, and gaining weight is the symptom, not a cause. He ends his comment by telling the original poster to get him help. 

But others are also advising the woman to talk to her husband and explain the issues and the situation. 

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Many suggest an intervention by giving the husband an ultimatum telling him to seek therapy, break his gaming cycle, and if he refuses.

The woman should follow through with a divorce, and many agree. You can't improve if you refuse to help yourself. 

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