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I use a unique combination of life coaching, karma clearing and energy healing to quickly get to the heart of your relationship issues. I have been told that I am a wise and compassionate guide, helping you heal the wounds that keep you from experiencing real and lasting love.

About Johanna Lyman

In 2007 I finally screwed up the courage to leave my partner of 20 years.  Our relationship was a disaster, and I thought it was all his fault.  I had changed so much and he was still the same guy.  I wanted more, and I thought I had to go somewhere else to get it.  It was a classic case of "the grass is greener."  Except that it wasn't (greener, I mean).  The next three years were torturous, magical times.  They were the best and the worst times of my life, sometimes in the same day.  

I went through a really common process (half of all marriages end in divorce) but came out the other side in a really uncommon way.  My husband and I worked hard, individually and then together, to re-create the relationship we both wanted.  It is an incredible love story, and sometimes a lot of hard work.  But it's definitely worth it.

I've been a life coach since 2004 and an energy healer since 2001.  I've used myself as a guinea pig to make profound changes in my life, and I use those same techniques to help my clients.

I have helped thousands of people throughout the world break through their fear, get clear on what they want and live the life of their dreams. I use a unique combination of traditional coaching, karma clearing and intuitive healing to quickly get to the heart of my clients' experiences and move them through a proven process of healing with grace and compassion.

Read more about my story here: www.romancerecovery.com/about/

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Johanna Lyman Success Stories

She just got engaged!

Women seeking a relationship

I just got a call from a client who worked with me last year.  We finished our work together when she felt she was really clear about what kind of relationship she wanted.  She truly believed she deserved to be adored by a man, and she was ready to be in a relationship.  She WANTED a relationship but she didn't NEED one.more

Well, she called me last week to tell me she's engaged!  She found her man on eHarmony, and within a week she knew he was "the one."  They've been together for four months now, and they just picked out a ring.  She said she couldn't have done it without me.  Since working with me, she says, "I have a confidence in knowing I'm creating the life I'm destined to live."  LOVE that!!

My First Success Story


My first success story as a spiritual love coach was with my own long term relationship. If you want all the details, you can read about it here: www.romancerecovery.com/about/, but the down and dirty version is this:more

In 2007 I'd had it with my partner of twenty years. I left him, and he was shocked. He claimed to have had no idea I was unhappy, even though I'd been telling him for three years. I had literally said, "If things don't change, I'll leave."

I embarked on an intense personal healing journey over the next nine months. He was doing his own therapy, and I became my first client as a relationship coach. I used a combination of energy healing, karma clearing, journal writing, and an intuitive understanding of the Imago Relationship Therapy process (which I had never heard of and didn't learn about until the end of 2009!) to recover myself, understand my relationship dynamics, and heal the wounded parts of myself.

We eventually came together and did a few months of couples therapy with a gifted and intuitive therapist. With her help, and the dedication we both had to healing our relationship, we reunited after nearly a year apart. Today, we have an amazing, conscious relationship. It's not perfect, but our ability to communicate through our difficulties makes it utterly amazing.

This is what I help my clients create for themselves: the best relationship possible to help support them in becoming their most amazing selves.

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