'I'm Divorcing My Wife Because She's Late For Everything' — Man Seeks Advice On His Marital Issues

He's had enough.

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A man has made the decision to divorce his wife for a surprising reason.

Posting to the subreddit 'TrueOffMyChest,' the man explained that he and his wife have been together for 12 years, and during that time, she has not made the slightest amount of effort to be on time for anything.

Before the two were married, he would have to wait an average of 15 minutes to an hour for her to show up on their dates.


Now, he's divorcing her because of her lack of punctuality.

"I waited because I loved her. After marriage, she somehow got worse, and after childbirth, she got even worse. She used to blame circumstances for being late every time, but now she just blames our son," the man wrote in his post.

The man then gave examples, saying that they are currently looking at preschools for their son. For every meeting with a potential school, they are always 15-30 minutes late because of his wife. 

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Another example the man described was a time when he wanted to go to the movie theaters.


His wife wanted to come as well, but he ended up having to leave her in a clothing store or else he was going to miss the start of the movie, which made her angry.

The third example happened "a few months ago" when they went to a concert to see a group she liked. They had gotten there an hour early because "it was something she wanted to do."

"I'm so sick and tired of it. Dinner reservations are always a toss-up because restaurants in our area have no chill and will cancel your reservation if you're a minute late," he continued.

Having to ask her to hurry up "in the nicest way possible" is hard for him, especially because she'll usually get irritated when he tells her they are going to be late.


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"Meeting up with friends, going to a children's event with our son," he adds, "Even trying to take a walk is always an ordeal of trying to get her to put the god damn phone down and get ready so I don't have to stand there like an idiot."

The man's breaking point happened last week when he had to stand outside their house for 20 minutes with their son while he heard his wife start to vacuum inside.

Since announcing that he was going to divorce his wife, he has been getting an influx of calls from mutual friends and family, trying to talk him out of it, but he claims he has no regrets.


Many people who commented on the man's post described their own experiences with having someone in their life who was constantly late as well.

"My ex did this too. I would sit on the couch waiting for him with hair and make-up complete. 20 to 30 minutes no problem. But if he was ready and I was a minute off he would get really cross," one user wrote.

Another user added: "I had a bf like this. I tried telling him earlier times, etc. but he was still late. The last straw was when he told me he decided to take a nap because he had 10 minutes before he needed to leave to get to my place. He was 20 minutes late when I called."


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