Are You Relationship Ready? 3 Signs A Woman Is Open For Love

Are you ready for the man of your dreams to come walking to your life? Are you sure? Many women think they are ready for a relationship but within a few weeks or months of being with a man they realize they aren't as ready as they thought they were.

Being ready for a relationship is similar to a cake being ready for the icing. When a cake has been baked properly and the icing is applied the final product is incredible. However, if the cake itself isn't ready and it doesn't taste good, the icing may improve it a little bit but it still won't taste good.

Think of the man as the icing. If you are a delicious and well prepared cake on your own the man makes the cake even better. But here's the key, without the icing, the cake is fine on its own.

If you opened a can of dog food and put icing on it, it will still taste bad. You could have the greatest man in the world, but if you aren't ready for him your relationship will not give you what you desire.

Unfortunately this is true for many women. They think their prayers will be answered and they'll live happily ever after if they just had a man. Well, usually within a few months of getting that man these women often find that they are not as happy as they thought they'd be?

Why? Because a man can not make you happy? But he can make you happier. Just like the icing enhances a good cake a "good" man enhances a woman and her life. But the man can't be the source of her happiness.

If you took the icing away from the good tasting cake it would still be satisfying. However if you took the icing off of the dog food you would not be able to tolerate even one bite.

The key to creating and is to make sure you are emotionally available for a good man. Just as the cake has to be ready for the icing, a woman has to be ready and open to be loved.

Here are 3 signs which let you know if you are relationship ready:

1) Have you let go of the past? If you have dated more than one guy in your life chances are you've had your heart broken. Often this experience creates such emotional trauma that it is hard to let go of that hurt. As a result of holding onto the hurt we go into a protection mode and often don't allow ourselves to open up as much. Unfortunately holding onto the past may keep us form being hurt again but it gets in the way of us having what we really want.

2) Do you have a positive attitude? When you talk about men, dating and relationships what are the words you use? Do you say "men don't know how to treat women", "men only care about sex" or "all the good men are taken"? Or do you have a more positive and optimistic attitude?

I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of men who don't respect women and are only interested in one thing. But if you talk to any single guy who is looking for a relationship he will tell you that it is just as frustrating and challenging for him to find a good woman.

Very often a woman's attitude about men comes from their upbringing. If a woman had her father present and he treated her and her mother with love and respect that woman usually grows up with a healthy attitude about men and relationships.

However, if a woman grew up in a household where the father was disrespectful or abusive towards women or he wasn't present it is quite common for that woman to create negative beliefs about men and relationships. It is these very beliefs that often prevent her from having the relationship she desires.

3) Are you putting yourself out there? Very often I hear women say how hard it is to meet men. When I ask what they are doing to meet them they say "nothing". Or sometimes they try online dating or going to a single's event. But after one or two disappointments they give up.

Now I can understand, dating can be very frustrating. Especially if you don't know how to do it right.

You can join a gym but that doesn't mean you will get in shape. You can join an online dating site but that doesn't mean you will meet Mr. Right. You can go to a single's event but that doesn't mean the type of guy that you're looking for will be there. And more often than not he's not. So, what's a girl to do?

As human beings we often want the magic pill, the quick fix and instant results. But very often in life the things we want do not happen magically overnight. Nowhere is this more this is more true in life than in dating.

The good news is there are things a single woman can do to make dating easier, more enjoyable and to increase her chances of finding the love she is looking for. The key is to know which actions to take. That is what Smarter Dating is.

Take a good hard look at the 3 signs above. If you have answered "no" to any of them, there is a strong indication you are not ready for a relationship. If this is true, do not judge yourself. Simply notice it and do what you need to do to make sure you answer "Yes" for each part.

Because when you can answer "Yes" to each sign you will be ready for that special guy to walk into your life and when he does you will have the relationship you always wanted...the kind you deserve

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