50 Little Things We All Deserve From A Relationship

Don't sell yourself short.

Last updated on Feb 14, 2023

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In life, you will find that you have to settle for many things — love should never be one of them.

Love means being vulnerable and open, even to all the ugly and bad parts of yourself and someone else.

We all deserve to be loved and love someone in return.

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Here are 50 little things we all deserve from a relationship:

1. Unending laughter

Someone who can make us laugh is the sexist thing.

2. Adventures

Spontaneous road trip anyone?

3. Passion

A boring life is a life unlived.

4. A number one fan

Someone who's always going to be rooting for you.

5. Inspiration

The ability to inspire and teach one another.

6. Safety and security

To know they'll always be there.

7. Late-night conversations

Sometimes you need someone to hear your 2 AM thoughts.

8. Mutual respect

If you don't have respect, you don't have a relationship.

9. Inside jokes

Just someone to laugh with.


10. Honesty

If you don't have honesty, you don't have a relationship.

11. Starry nights

There's nothing more romantic than looking at the stars with someone.

12. A second family

Sometimes the family you find is more important than the one you're born in.

13. Delicious meals

The way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

14. Lazy Sundays

Someone to stay in bed with all day.

15. A full-time dance partner

Just someone to dance with, anywhere.

16. Long kisses

Be that gross couple, who cares.

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17. New places

Someone to explore with.

18. Excitement

Someone to share your joy with.

19. Acceptance

Someone who sees all of you.


20. Heartfelt confessions

Someone to confess your soul to.

21. Compassion

Someone who gives you compassion when you need it the most.

22. Funny stories

Someone to tell stories with.

23. New friends

Friendship is just as important as a relationship.

24. Engaging conversations

Who wants to spend their life with someone who bores them?

25. Genuine appreciation

Someone who sees all that you do and takes notice.

26. Silly presents

No one wants the same makeup kit as a gift each year.

27. Little moments

Someone to share the mundane with.

28. Intense intimacy

Someone who sees every part of us.

29. Glowing eyes

Someone who sees the light shine in your eyes.

30. Loyalty

Someone who will always stick by your side.


31. Moments of pride

Someone who will be proud of you.

32. Laughter that inspires tears

Someone who makes you laugh harder than anyone else has.

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33. Freedom of choice

Someone who supports our decisions.

34. Quiet comfort

Someone who you can be quiet with.

35. Free displays of vulnerability

Someone with who you can unabashedly be vulnerable

36. Warm embraces like no other

Someone who will embrace you anywhere.

37. Someone to stand up for you

Someone who will fight for you.

38. Breakfast in bed

Someone who will bring you pancakes in bed.

39. Someone to depend on

Someone who you can always rely on.


40. A loud karaoke partner

Someone who will sing bad 80's songs with you.

41. Hilarious competition

Someone to compete with.

42. Venting sessions

Someone you can vent to about your bad day at work.


43. Movie marathons

Someone to cuddle up with and watch all the Star Wars movies.

44. A doctor, personal trainer, and maintenance worker, all in one

Someone you don't have to pay to do things for you.

45. Tickle attacks

Someone to wrestle and tickle with.

46. Plenty of snuggles

Someone to cuddle with. 

47. Forehead kisses

Someone to give you forehead kisses when you need them.

48. Reassuring smiles

Someone who will always smile when they see you.

49. Trust

Someone who you have complete faith in.

50. Happiness

Someone to share happiness with.

Moments of love that truly make you feel infinite because that is the single best gift any human can give us. Never settle for less.


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