3 Things The Most Attractive Women Do To Get (And Keep) A Guy's Attention

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What The Most Attractive Women Do To Get (And Keep) A Guy's Attention

It's time to let your charm go to work, ladies.

When it comes to dating and relationships, there is an art the most attractive women naturally get when it comes to figuring how to get a guy to notice and like you — and hopefully end up falling in love.

Men are dying to give you their attention when you know what it takes to attract them.


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You may think attraction is all about beauty, and that looks are all guys care about. However, a good man, one who’s looking for a long-term relationship and true love, knows there are more important things that signal to him whether or not you’re a good catch that have nothing at all to do with your appearance.

With that in mind, here are three things to know from a man’s perspective about how to get a guy to notice you, like you, and ultimately fall in love based on what the most attractive women out there do.

1. Your smile

The first thing that gets a guy’s attention is your smile. Your smile signals your approachability and friendliness. I can’t tell you how many women spend hours getting dressed to the nine’s and forget to wear the most important thing; their smile.

Guys are often smarter than given credit for when it comes to investing time in a woman. They give their attention to women who give them the impression that they like them. A woman who knows how to smile easily has a gold mine that will pay off with lots of attention from men.

Use your smile. It works like magic.


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2. Your eye contact

Nothing attracts a guy more and exudes confidence then eye-contact. Men are often distracted until that magic moment when you lock eyes. When you make it a habit to make and maintain eye contact with men, you will find you have their full attention — fast.

Connections with men are made through the eyes, so if you see a guy you like, be sure to get in his line of sight. Most women don't understand how much power they have to attract men with their eyes. Eye makeup is valuable, but eye contact is priceless.

It’s almost hypnotic what you can do to a man when you hold his eyes. It’s by far the most sensual thing you can do. If you like him and you want his attention, meet him with your eyes.

3. Your laughter

Men are highly attracted to your laughter. When they notice how easy it is to have fun with you, you will have their full attention. Happiness is a much bigger determining factor in whether or not a guy is going to stick around for the long-run than how hot you are, believe me.

When a guy likes you, he wants to make you laugh.

Your laughter is sign of your confidence, as well as of your general appreciation for him and your willingness to enjoy life. Laughter is what seals the deal with men, because what they want most is to make you happy. A true connection with a guy is found through laughter and easy conversation.

Your smile is your attention-getting signal. It puts you on the map with men.

Your eye contact will draw guys in and keep them there. Eye contact exudes self-confidence, charisma and the inner beauty that men are looking to behold.

Laughter draws men’s attention like bees to honey. It is music to their ears. When they hear it, you will have their full attention and be on your way to a meaningful connection and true love.


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