5 Ways To Get A Guy To Chase You (& Want To Keep You FOREVER)

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how to get a guy to want you
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What all desirable women already know.

Contrary to popular belief, guys are always on the chase.

If you want a guy to chase you, you simply have to let him know the chase is on.

Here are the five best ways to get a guy to chase you (and to want to keep you forever):

1. Smile.

I know you're thinking that it can't be that easy, but as a man, I will tell you ... it is.

Your smile — not your makeup, not your hair — sets a man in motion.

It gets him moving toward you.

Men are all about success. Your smile is a sure-fire indicator his approach will work.


2. Be hard to get.

By "hard to get" I don't mean impossible.

I mean you have standards and requirements, and you're able to let a man know what they are.

The most obvious one is how fast a man can have sex with you.

If you want a man to want you, the anticipation of sex is a stronger aphrodisiac than the consummation.

3. Don't get carried away.

For a man to continue to chase you, he has to know that he's winning you over.

This is simple. Appreciate what he does for you, and he will do more.

Also be clear on what it takes to have sex with you.

If you leave this part out, he will give up, because it seems impossible for him to win with you.

4. Keep up the momentum. 

Guys are all about momentum.

From the moment he meets you, the magic starts. But when you're available to see him.

The chase has to build without any long breaks in between.

This happens when you're available — within reason.

And no, a late night hookup is not within reason!

5. See him during the daytime. 

Hookups happen at night.

Relationships are built in the daytime.

Let him flirt with you and spend time with you during the day.

That's when the chase is truly on.

Take a walk, take a drive, and do things together that invest time.

This will make him want you even more... 

Remember, your smile gets you in the game. Your requirements create the necessary effort to win you over.

Let him know you appreciate his efforts, and he will enjoy the chase as much as you do.

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