7 Ways Chris Hemsworth Is Much More Than The Sexiest Man Alive

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Here's 7 reasons why Chris Hemsworth is a very sexy man, inside and out.

People Magazine just announced their annual Sexiest Man Alive winner, and actor Chris Hemsworth brings home the title for 2014. While he certainly looks the part (there's no denying that), we couldn't help but think about all of all his qualities, aside from his appearance, that make him really sexy.

1. He's Australian.

Raised between Melbourne, the Northern Territory and Phillip Island, Chris has had the sort of childhood most people would envy, with experiences in the city and the outback. Not only that, but he also got a really awesome accent out of it.

2. He's married.

Unlike the typical Hollywood bachelor, Chris has chosen to spend his life with someone he loves—Elsa Pataky. The two met through their mutual representatives, and they wed during the holidays in 2010. Talk about a Hollywood romance.

3. He's dedicated.

Chris put on 20 pounds of muscle to play the part of Thor. For his role as Owen Chase, in In the Heart of the Sea, he maintained a diet of less than 600 calories a day. He is determined to put on the best performance possible, no matter what.

4. He's a dad.

India Rose, Tristan and Sasha all get to call this guy Dad. How lucky are they? If the constant paparazzi photos are anything to go by, Chris is definitely the protective father type. He certainly knows how to look out for his kids.

5. He's a hero.

There is nothing sexier than a man in spandex who can save the day. Chris brings Thor to life on the big screen, making the character not only drool-worthy, but also loveable. We're not surprised he's been asked to reprise the role so many times.

6. He's multifaceted.

Despite his big break with Marvel, Chris continues to take on different parts, avoiding being typecast. From Star Trek, to The Cabin in the Woods, we don't think there's a part that Chris couldn't play.

7. He's funny.

When it was announced he won the title, Chris thanked his parents "for putting this together." He also joked that he and Liam were "throwing sexy looks back and forth" while waiting for the results. His humor makes him even more charming.

Are you happy Chris is Sexiest Man Alive for 2014? What is it about him you think makes him the best choice? I'd love to hear your thoughts.