7 Reasons We Love Leonardo DiCaprio (With Or Without An Oscar)

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He's talented, smart, and hot. What's not to love?

As most of the civilized world knows, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio just turned 40. We think he deserves to win the Oscar, although he's already won our hearts. Here's why we love him:

1. His breakout.

Whether it was his endearing work as Luke Brower, the homeless boy on Growing Pains, or his heart-wrenching performance as Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? we knew there was something special about him from the moment we saw it. Robert De Niro must have seen it, too. After all, he handpicked Leo from 400 young actors for his role in This Boy's Life.

2. His environmentalism.

He owns electric and hybrid cars, has put solar panels on his house, and works as a United Nations representative on climate change. His passion for doing good, making an impact and saving the world is more than enough to melt our hearts (but not the polar icecaps). He knows how to really tackle a problem and do whatever he can to solve it.

3. "Leo-Mania."

As if we didn't swoon enough over his performance as Romeo! His work as Jack Dawson had millions of girls worshipping the ground he walks on, us included. He initially refused to play the role, so we are so grateful James Cameron convinced him otherwise. There is no one who could've played the role of the penniless, hopeful lover better than he did. Just ask the teen girls of the 90s.

4. Kate Winslet.

His relationship with the actress has been described as an "unbreakable bond." After their work on Titanic, the two have remained close friends and keep one another young. The best example of their friendship is how he gave her away at her most recent wedding, which her parents didn't even know about. That's the kind of man we want in our lives.

5. His success.

Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, Blood Diamond, The Departed, and so many more films continued to prove to us Leo has the heart and soul we love to see in an actor, and a man. How many actors would keep acting after smashing their hand into a glass and then use their blood as a prop? We think Leo's the only one, which is why he's so incredible.

6. His philanthropy.

From the "Leonardo DiCaprio Computer Center" at the Los Angeles Public Library, to his $1 million donation to Haiti relief after the earthquake, Leo is a man who truly cares about other people. Even when he was playing the part of a diamond smuggler, he was working with two dozen orphans. He makes it his mission to support those in need—a truly admirable quality.

7. His hair.

On top of all his accomplishments, Leo continues to have flawless hair. There was the classic 90s shag, the man hair bun, the buzzcut, and the slicked back look we love so much. No matter which style he was sporting, there was not a hair out of place or an eye not on him. It's those impeccable locks that really won us over. A man who can do so much and look perfect? That's the guy for us!

So happy birthday, Leo! You're truly the Oscar winner of our dreams.