CLEAVAGE! And 4 Other Shocking Wedding Trends You Didn’t See Coming In 2017

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CLEAVAGE! And 4 Other Shocking Wedding Trends You Didn’t See Coming In 2017

The year 2017 is here and it’s already a bit wonky! Couples getting married this year are going all out and having some fun with their wedding.  

This is not the year for tasteful and conservative weddings. This is a year for creativity, personal charm and more appreciation for the select guest list that really matters.  

Here are four unusual wedding ideas trends that we love!

1. Unique wedding invitations

Wedding invitations that are overly formal are out. According to, many brides are having fun and experimenting with different colors, Plexiglas invites, glow-in-the dark ink, and many other bold moves that are untraditional, yet tasteful.  

A spokesperson for Wedding Sparklers Outlet says that it’s all part of the personal appeal: "The fact is, mass emails are easy to send out if you’re going for lifeless and impersonal. This is why, if you’re going to personally invite someone… have some fun with it and impress your guests."

2. Personalized gifts

As in, "Give me what I need, please!"

We’ve really grown beyond the days of giving bad gifts to people we love. Nowadays, there is a tendency for guests to simply donate to the couple the things and events they really want and mention by name — as opposed to playing the guessing game.  

This is why memberships, gift cards, charity registries, and custom-built honeymoons are on the rise. Register for what you want and need, not just homely items. Don’t tell your guests to get just "whatever" because this is the year of appreciating family.

3. Cleavage is in

Feminism is definitely going strong so why not celebrate with sexier dresses that celebrate the natural beauty of the bride?  

Plunging necklines are in, according to and their 2017 bridal trends issue. Hollywood and New York fashion are probably contributing to this social trend, but we think it’s great. Grooms always do love it when their brides get to show off and feel like the prettiest woman in the room.  

Another odd trend going along with sexier dresses is the more "fantastic" bridal train. Longer trains, bold veils, and a runway approach to clothing the bride are in, particularly because this is the age of Instagram and Snapchat — sharing amazing sights with friends and live streaming the memories that matter most.  

Don’t go too modest. Become an Instagram sensation!

4. Surprising settings

Forget the old clichés of churches and outdoor flower gardens. Today’s couples are nuts about surprising their guests with a completely outside-the-box setting. According to’s 2017 wedding trends list, large plots of land, distinct buildings, lofts, tents, and anything "unforgettable" is in.  

A spokesperson for iWedGlobal commented on the trend, stating that this year it’s all about the wow factor: "You want your wedding day to shine. You want it to look good in photos, not just wedding photos, but on social media sites where the extended family can attend and see virtually every moment. Couples want their memories to last forever and strong visuals are a part of that."

The year 2017 is not just a trend to you and your partner. It should be about being personal, being bold and doing what your heart tells you. This is the year of creative expression so have fun with your wedding planning!