9 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body When You Make Out

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9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You're Making Out
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A kiss isn’t just a kiss.

Kissing is one of the most rewarding components for your physiological health. The minute your tongue does the tango with another person, your body immediately reacts to the hot and steamy sensation.

The body begins to get excited, tingly, and aroused evoking high volumes of "happy hormones" in your brain. It makes you think, "The touch of your lips takes my breath away."

As your hormones begin to elevate, your mood shifts upward leaving you with a glowing grin ear to ear. It’s like all of a sudden you have this instant high on life and nothing can bring you down.

Kissing is great for your mood, it’s an immunity booster, a calorie burner, or simply a way to connect with a person. It also burns 1.5 calories per minute.

Turning up the night with a make out session can literally be mind blowing. It stimulates your body in so many ways that are beneficial to your overall health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your body has an "aha!" moment, and you begin to crave more.

Kissing is actually much more intimate than sexHere are 9 crazy things that happen to your body when you're making out:

1. Your dating magnetism increases.

The minute you kiss someone, the fireworks start shooting off into a thousand little stars or you feel nothing at all.

A kiss is a great measuring tool to use to determine whether there's a magnetic spark between you and a person. Your body instantly sends a signal your brain to decide if there is compatibility based on the exchange of your sensational receptors.

Since birth, you've used your lips and tongue to decide what’s good for you. Your mouth is super sensitive to your likes and dislikes. Hence, why you have taste buds to guide you on food selections and temperature levels when drinking something hot or cold.

There are many nerve endings in the mouth leading us to what feels great inside your body. So when you kiss a person, you feel them, taste them and know if you want more or less of it. Try it more than once, just to give it a good tongue twist.

Making out is a great dating mechanism in knowing who’s the best partner for you.

2. It boosts your mood.

A physical touch to the lips with a person activates your brain. Your brain responds to the signal shooting off hormones of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These are known as the happy or cuddling hormones that boost your mood.

When you feel happiness in your life, your body is flooded with these hormones. So if you’re having a bad day, grab your partner or a sexy "friend" for a make out session. This will be sure to elevate your mood sending good vibes through your body.

3. It fights infection.


Kissing boosts your immune system by helping you aid against infection.

Research shows that swishing saliva around your mouth decreases bad bacteria from hanging onto your teeth. When the bad bacteria are washed away, your mouth cleanses itself to maintain a healthy palate, fending off viruses.

It’s a natural way to create a defense shield from the exposure of germs, keeping you out of the dentist chair other than your bi-annual check-up.

4. It increases intimacy and bonding.

As you lock lips with a partner, your body acknowledges this as a way to form an attachment. When you begin feeling attached, you start to crave closeness with a partner for a sense of connection and security.

As a human, you're hard-wired in your brain to want to feel love or bond with others.

Kissing turns on this little switch where you desire the need want more of the good stuff. By kissing a person, it lets them know you accept them and want to increase your interaction on an intimate level.

Kissing is a nonverbal behavior saying, "I like you" to a partner.

5. It decreases stress.

When you are overworked from a long day, your levels of cortisol increases striking up stress. One way to decrease your cortisol levels is by making out with a partner when you get home from work.

Your levels will start to lower when adrenaline begins pumping through your body as you pucker up.

As you kiss to greet, let your stress deplete.

6. It raises your self-esteem.


Kissing boosts your self-esteem and confidence when connecting with a partner. Your sense of certainty urges you to feel like you’re at the top of your game when you head out of the door for the day.

A kiss "good-bye" or "hello", makes you feel good and connected to your partner.

7. It keeps you looking younger.

As you exercise your tongue with a French kiss, researchers say you are working 34 muscles in the face. It can potentially tighten your jaw line by keeping those areas tone and firm.

As you swirl your tongue around, your face forms a natural glow. You feel and look younger when you are happier as a person. Start kissing today to keep the wrinkles away.

8. It arouses your sexuality. 

Kissing drives you to want more from a person you’re twisting tongues with. Your body says, "This feels amazing, give me more."

Your tongue’s natural sensing ability targets your body to feel a rushing sensation leading you to further sexual exploration.

As hormones begin to reach a peak, your body wants to reach the next high. Sparking your sex plug, erotic foreplay becomes a seducing pleasure for both partners.

So if you want to turn up the heat, start by kissing your partner and things are bound to take a natural course of action.

9. It's the ultimate survival skill.


Being in close proximity to another person usually means you are more likely to trust them. You are sharing your personal space and open to developing a deeper connection with them.

Kissing stimulates positive thoughts by helping you develop a better relationship with others on an intimate level. It’s a great way to start-up a conversation with your partner when you're at a loss for words, yet yearning for love.

If you want to feel more with a partner, slowly touch their face and start making out. The benefits to your body are more than what you ever could have imagined playing tongue twister. We urge you to start smooching more to increase your overall health.

Jillian and Jan Yuhas are Dating and Relationship Lifestylists who empower men and women to connect by mastering their charisma, confidence, and communication skills to achieve a fulfilling relationship. You can follow their dating dossier, or contact them at Entwined Lifestyle to learn more about their coaching programs.