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Confidence Coach, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach

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Keep Your Heels And Values High, And Let Your Heart Lead The Way

About Jillian & Jan Yuhas



Our goal, as Love & Lifestyle Coaches, is to share expert insight with entrepreneurial women who desire to achieve a loving relationship while balancing their career and lifestyle goals. 

Do you feel like it's impossible to attract the love life you want? Do you have days where you experience inadequacy, indecisiveness, loneliness, or just unsure about your self-worth when it comes to love? 

You’re NOT the problem! The Real problem is nobody teaches you how to attract the love of your life or speak a man’s language. Most relationships are usually kept hush, hush out of fear of exploiting their problems. But in all reality, this holds many women back from knowing how to attract a high-value man, how to get your needs met, how to intrigue him, and how to get him to commit to you.

As The Love Twins, we believe everyone deserves a True-Blue Love in their life, regardless of personal experience. Whether it’s the love you have with yourself or a significant other, it’s our relationships that bring fulfillment, joy, and true meaning to our lives. Our mission is to guide women using our proven Twinning Technique in creating an everlasting love where they share a deep connection and unwavering commitment to building an unshakeable love life. From the beginning stages of dating to a healthy marriage, we will help you master every step of the way to achieve a loving and fulfilling relationship.

"This is the beginning of the love you want."

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Jan and Jillian Yuhas both attended Adler University and received a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. As Love and Lifestyle Coaches of Entwined Lifestyle, Inc. who want to see others living and loving their best life, this motivated them to become Certified Professional Life Coaches while attending Life Coach Institute of Orange County. After learning how nonverbal communication played a major role in one’s intimate relationship, Jan and Jillian became Certified in Body Language and Deception Detection at Stu Dunn Behavioral Science Consultancy and Certified Micro-Expressions Experts from American Psychologist, Paul Ekman Micro Expressions Training. As their desire for growth continues, both of them went onto become Certified Mediators at the Center of Conflict Resolution and Family Mediation.


Jillian & Jan Yuhas Success Stories

I was able to focus and re-focus to find out what I need

Women in complicated relationships

"Going through the coaching process has helped me to focus and re-focus; to find out what I need to do to get nearer to reaching my goals. Jill with Entwined Lifestyle has provided the proper tools; pointed me in the right direction towards finding the answers. She has the special talent of making you feel at ease while helping you to get on the right track if you feel lost in your own path. She is efficient without forgetting to be emphatic at the same time, understanding and very firm – the best relationship and lifestyle coach one can wish for. I highly recommend Jill and Entwined Lifestyle and appreciate the endless value they provide and anyone else would too!" ~ Robyn, California

Bringing Self-Awareness to Laws of Attraction

Women seeking a relationship

“Jillian and Jan helped me really gain the skills I needed to enhance my self-esteem and align myself with how I present myself to the outside world. Their charisma training has helped me both personally and professionally to come across more competent, respectable, and influential. They also helped me become more assertive and clear in my communication style and to not take what others say so personally. I have felt more confident and present in my life both mentally and emotionally. These women are very in tune with what they do and extremely insightful but also educational. They have a way of teaching which is both warm but constructive and understandable. I highly recommended them to anyone looking to gain knowledge, edge, and improvement in all areas of their lives.” ~ Melissa, Illinois

Learning Open and Assertive Communication with Partner

Dating couples

“My significant other and I were at a standstill in our relationship and I wasn’t sure of what actions to take to reach the next step with one another or what exactly I wanted the next step to be. Hiring Jan and Jillian changed that. They were incredibly attentive to my thoughts and were able to help me set goals for my relationship that I felt comfortable with. They provided me with ways to communicate my feelings and desires clearly to my significant other without seeming too demanding. Both of us communicate more freely now which has let us have a happier relationship. I would highly recommend EL to anyone looking for lifestyle improvements!” ~ Rachel, Illinois

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