About Face: 3 Flawless First-Date Makeup Tips

It's all about sultry eyes, smooth skin and the perfect pout!

About Face: 3 Flawless First-Date Makeup Tips [EXPERT]

When you're on the prowl or a first date, you don't want your makeup to be the focal point of your face.

While you do want to accentuate your assets and highlight your best features, don't make it look like you spent an hour making yourself up because high-maintenance just isn't attractive. On the other hand, you definitely want to avoid looking unkempt. So here are a few tips for getting your man-meeting makeup just right.


1. Fake a flawless complexion. First off, you don't need an inch of foundation to make your skin look its best. In this scenario, less is certainly more and you're better off going with less coverage and more luminosity, which goes a long way for minimizing imperfections.

Our secret: fabulous makeup primer. We love Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer topped with your tinted foundation of choice. You get just enough coverage and a come-hither glow.

2. All about eyes. Eye contact is paramount when you're getting to know someone, so in this case, forget layering on multiple shadows. Help your eyes sparkle with a slightly shimmery neutral shadow (try M.A.C "All That Glitters") and add definition with eyeliner on the upper and lower lids.


If you have the skills, go for liquid liner, and if you don't, a smudgy pencil like Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil gets the job done. And don't forget mascara ... but don't overdo it.

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3. Prime your pout. As much as I love a bold lip, this isn't the time — especially if a smooch comes your way.

Avoid fussy lips that can leave a mark on your new man and go for a light gloss instead. Sara Happ's The Lip Slip: One Luxe Gloss works for all skin tones. And if you have the time before heading out, exfoliating your lips with an old toothbrush or lip scrub helps smooth things over.


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