How To Apply Eye Makeup For 5 Kinds Of Summer Dates

couple under umbrella on beach

This summer, complement your sun-kissed golden glow and beachy tresses with a sultry-sweet stare, courtesy of some expert advice on how to do eye makeup.

Whether you're aiming for a more casual look, or dialing up the drama, draw in that special summer someone with irresistible eyes.

From the staple smokey look for a romantic dinner to a playful cateye for an outdoor concert, we show you how to do eye makeup for every type of summer date.

1. Smokey Eye for a Romantic Dinner
Pair your LBD and heels with sexy smokey eyes for a romantic date night out on the town. Soften, blend and smudge a variety of dark and sultry shades to create the smoldering look, extending the shadow beyond the outer corner of the eye for an extra hit of va-va-voom.

2. Electrifying Eyeshadow for Drinks And Dancing
For a group night out dancing, stand out from the crowd by Illuminating your eyes with a bight and electrifying shadow shade, like tangerine.


3. Cat-Eye for an Evening of Mini Golf And Ice-Cream With Your Crush
The perfect blend of playful and polished, the cat-eye adds a flirty touch to a casual daytime ensemble, like a simple sundress and wedges for a late afternoon/early evening date.


4. Bottom Liner and Earthy Shadow Tones for a Day at the Beach/Boardwalk
Bottom-lined lids paired with natural, earthy eye shadow shades highlight your natural beauty. Try it for a casual day date at the beach or a picnic in the park.


5. Outer V Shadow for an Outdoor Concert

Using a variety of black, brown and tan shades and different brush sizes, this trendy shadow technique adds a funky edge to any outfit. Pair it with cutoffs and a crop top or your fav romper for a night at an outdoor music festival.


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