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Male POV: 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy Who Doesn't Get It

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Girl, we both know you look d*mn good. But when it comes to date night, there are some hair and makeup habits guys just DON'T understand.

We asked dating blogger Abraham Lloyd to weigh in on the beauty looks men don't get (and can't stand). The upside? You get to spend LESS time primping. Behold, makeup tips from a dude:

1. Sticky Lip Gloss

He Says: "Guys love lip gloss, but they hate the lip gloss aftertaste when a woman overdoes it. After kissing you, I should be thinking about your lips, not wondering what is suddenly on mine."

We Say: If it's sticky on your lips, it'll be sticky on his, too. Keep it simple and layer Chapstick over a lip stain for kissably soft color.

2. Raccoon Eyes

He Says: "Smoky eyes can be very alluring. Super-dark, overdone, "let's rob a bank" eyes, though, are not. I want to be able to notice how beautiful a woman's eyes are, not see shapes in the shadows around them."

We Say: There are men who can appreciate a smoky eye, but ease off the charcoal shadow on the first date. For full, dark lashes, reach for the eyelash curler and two coats of a stay-put, waterproof —and sweatproof! — mascara.

3. CRAZY Nails

He Says: "Nails are one of the first things that I notice on a date. Gorgeous, manicured and colored nails speak volumes about how a woman views herself. Ultra-long curvy nails painted with psychedelic color or adorned with glitter and costume jewelry do the same thing ... just not in a good way. Nails should complement appearance, not upstage or detract from it. They also shouldn't impede everyday activities like cutting food, driving, or opening doors."

We Say: Hey, they're your nails — paint them whatever color you'd like, and keep 'em long or short ... just keep them neat! In the same way we recoil when we imagine a dude's ragged, gross fingernails touching us, scary-long and messy talons can scare a guy.

4. Too Much Makeup

He Says: "Too much of anything is usually a bad thing, and this is definitely true of make-up. Subtle is always better, and honestly, I don't ever want to wonder what a woman really looks like underneath her makeup. If I can see powder on her face or wonder what colors she's using on her lips, cheeks, and around her eyes, then she's probably wearing a tad too much of something."

We Say: When in doubt, put down the makeup bag! Less really is more, and you want him to see you for the natural beauty you are, not impress him with how well you can wield a blush brush. Pick your best feature and make it stand out, and tone down the rest.

5. Overdone Hair

He Says: "Very few things impact a first impression more than overdone or bad hair. You can see it from a distance, can't ignore it and it follows you around during a date. The more overdone hair is, the less interested I am in touching it."

We Say: Hair that feels stringy, crunchy, greasy, sticky, or otherwise untouchable is an instant mood-killer. For extra oomph, stick to post-shower, pre-blowdry products like anti-frizz serum, volumizing mousse, shine spray, and shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type. Ditch sticky sprays, gels, and pomades for date night.