How To Apply Eyeliner For Any Type Of Date Night

How To Apply Eyeliner For Any Type Of Date Night

When it comes to amping up your date night beauty look, it's all about drawing him in with a sweet but sultry stare.

From the sexy smokey look to the retro cat-eye to the edgy double-winged tip, we give you the best video makeup tutorials to try for your next hot date.

From a romantic dinner to an afternoon picnic, make your peepers pop with just the right amount of catch-me-if you-can tease.

1. Smokey Eye:
The smokey eye is a beauty signature and will never go out of style. Invest in learning this technique and you'll be set for a lifetime of sexy date nights. With shades of charcoal, brown or black, and the perfect smudge, the smokey stare is a knockout look anywhere.

Try it with a soft pink lip for a nice dinner out or an electric red pout for a night of dancing.  

2. Cat-Eye/Retro Winged Tip
The cat-eye or winged tip is a very versatile look. It's the perfect playful touch to a casual daytime ensemble, so try it for an afternoon date.

Whether brunch or early evening drinks, the retro-inspired makeup will bring out your fun and adventurous side.

3. Double-Winged Tip
This is an edgier version of the retro winged tip. After painting your winged tip on your upper lashline, mimic the winged tip on the outer corner of your lower lashline.

Just the right amount of punk and pretty, this look is spot on for a summer concert. 

4. Bottom Liner
Bottom-lined lids can accentuate your natural beauty for a chic and polished appearance. In short strokes, apply the liner to your lower lashline from the inner to outer corners. Opt for natural, earthy tones for a morning coffee date or day at the beach. Experiment with a pop of bright color on your bottom lid for an easy-going yet exciting touch.

Maybe an afternoon at the beach followed by a night on the boardwalk.

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