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Once we hit our thirties, dating is a whole new ball game. We’re older, wiser, and we don’t always need to go out with a gaggle of girls (or guys) to meet men. (And most of us in our thirties don’t have a group on call because everyone is married with kids.) When I found myself in my 30s and still single, I knew I needed a new approach—so I turned to me, myself and I.

The challenge: Twice a week, I’m going out after work solo. Just for one glass of wine (to start), but we’ll see where (and to whom) the night goes. I’ll run the gamut from uptown to downtown, fancy schmancy to dive bars and, of course, a few sports bars. I also travel a lot for work, so I’ll be testing out this tactic in Miami, L.A., the Hamptons and beyond.

I’ll be honest… My ultimate goal is to meet a man. But I’ll make the most of each and every night by chatting up bartenders to see what kind of advice they might have for meeting Mr. Right—and share it with you.

If you’re still reading, knowing a little more about me might give you a better insight into my blog. Like a said, I’m in my 30s. I’ve been living in Manhattan since I graduated from college. I’ve spent the last decade going on dates, getting set up, filling out online dating profiles and even auditioning for reality shows—to no avail.

I have a very cool job in the media industry, so I know what’s up. But I like to get down and dirty, too (in fabulous shoes, of course). I have a ton of friends and we’re always checking out the latest restaurants, and I have a penchant for yoga. I never met a pair of roller skates I didn’t like, and although you won’t ever see a picture of me here, I promise I’m cute (because I know you’re wondering).

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